Self Watering Pots

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  1. I am growing in my attic which has excellent insulation and never gets hotter than 80 degrees or colder than 70 degrees. I need to go out of town for 7 days and don't have anyone to come over and water my plants. My plants are still in the vegetative grown state (20:4) and about 18" tall. I transplanted one into a 10" diameter (2 gal) self watering pot that uses a wick to draw up water into the soil. The pot maker says the reservoir holds only 200 ML but I put in 500 + and it still did not fill the whole reservoir. Do you think using self watering pots will be sufficient for a 7 day vacation?
  2. many 'tricks' can get you thru this:
    I prefer the silicon crystals one gets, you wet then they expand lay them on the top and remove on your return
    or a pot of water next to the veg, leave a towel or rope to wick from one pot to the other

    with your method watch out for root rot

    good luck
  3. So, are you saying I could put these water crystals on the top surface of the potted plant and they will dissolve over a weeks time starting day one though day 7? Then I would remove what is left? As I look at YouTube videos they recommend burying them in the soil but I still did not find anyone putting them on top and just letting then sit there for 7 days. Please clarify and if you have a recommendation for water crystals I could get on Amazon, it would be much appreciated.

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