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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Extacie, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. Ok I absolutely love hemp but in my experience it's hard to find a good balance.. Alot of that has to do with my personality because (and dont ask me why because i am clueless) im kind of all-or-none type of guy. But in all honesty I would love to find a good balance (Smoking like 1-2 times every 1 or 2 days or something like that) instead of abusing the product like i currently do.. But it seems that i follow a routine. I take a tolerance break for 4-7 days, then i try finding a balance and not smoking everyday as said earlier or just smoking at nights, etc. But it seems this never works out as psychologically i always end up caving and smoking like one extra time more then i had planned (weather it be because i was just EXTREMLEY bored, or sometimes ill make the mistake and smoke more when ive been drinking) which always ends up leading to abuse of the product.. Which i mean i love being high all day.. but i dont know, my mom said that im dealing with deppression and a bunch of other stuff and am self-medicating with pot (Which she is totally against by the way).

    So yeah sorry about just ranting on about a bunch of random shit but this has just been on my mind alot and i wanted to post it/share/get your guys's opinions etc etc lol.
  2. alright well first of all, hemp is cannabis however, hemp is the species of cannabis that doesn't get you high they use hemp (countries) to make clothing. But to answer your question, find a hobby other than weed to keep yourself busy that you really like, sports,video games or something to get you from being bored all day and smoking weed to fill the boredom.

  3. You could be self medicating which explains how you are always drawn back to it. Fortunately I live in a medical cannabis state and they understand that certain types of brain chemistry need adjustment in order to function well.

    Problems like being adhd AND bi-polar make it hard for "some people" to stay calm. A constant, low level, stream of thc greatly improves the situation so some people use little brownie squares, cookies and other products to keep a consistent effect going.

    Just gonna have to think about it man and feel it out but don't people tell you to feel guilty for improving your personal situation.

  4. Except weed isn't good in the long run for medicating depression, it will make it worse after a while.

    If the OP is feeling like he should be cutting down, that means he should. Try finding other things you like doing sober, and do them

  5. Yea I'll trust my doctor on this one and not some random person on a message board. Thanks for your opinion though.
  6. He is right though, in the long term it won't do you any favours
  7. Smoke .5 grams 3 times a week. Yup. That should do the trick
  8. Lol yes, i know, I was just using the word hemp to refer to cannabis. Yeah that's what I will have to do which i have before but the only problem with that is one thing i do to keep me occupied is hang out with my friends and majority of them smoke, making it harder for me lol.. It'l be much easier this summer when the grass starts growing again, ill be pretty occupied cutting grass and wood by then.

    Lucky, I really wish I lived in a medical cannabis state as well. I know exactly what you mean with the adhd part, i have add and smoking really helps me keep a cool-level head on shoulders, plus it helps me focus when smoked in small amounts. It's like it slows my brain down enough to where i can concentrate on just one individual thing instead of 50 thousand bajillion things.

    I would agree with this statement. It doesnt fix the problem in the long run.. It's more of a temporary fix, but it most certainly does help at the time.

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