Self control on acid

Discussion in 'General' started by UglyInfidel, Apr 22, 2004.

  1. My first acid experience wasn't anything too great. Not much tripping envolved. Well i just got acid, and i'm taking it saturday. Since my first trip wasn't a full blown trip i have some questions. I"m taking one hit of blotter, which most likely won't be too strong, yet strong enough to trip. Will i still be able to understand anything that is going on in reality? For example, would i be able to carry on a conversation with someone (our acid sitter, to be exact) that actually makes sense? I just want to be able to have an idea of what's actually going on in the real world while tripping. I know that every trip is different on different people, but with one hit of blotter, do the intensities of each trip vary dramatically from person to person? For example when my friends and I ate acid, they were tripping (not hardcore or anything, just tripping mildly), and i was barely feeling the effects. Later on in the night they eventually kicked in, but nothing too intense. I dunno, feeback on this would be nice. Any comments or advice or whatever is appreciated.
    Note: keep in mind i'm only eating one blotter tab.
  2. ide say ur fine, ive never done acid but a couple of my friends did 3 hits one night and i met up with them and they didnt even seem fucked up really. Except when one of them started walking into the woods cuz he didnt realize where he was going, but other than that it was easy to carry conversation with them and stuff
  3. Whenever we trip and we're around the city or something we have a "babysitter"
    We like to keep someone there not tripping and not to fucked up so if we really wanna know whats going on we can ask and be told. Other than that just eat it with people your comferbol with and a place you are too. The trip probally won't be that intence and you should still be able to talk to people. Just go into it with a good mindstate and you'll have a fun time.
  4. babysitter... not with 1 hit. All you will realy get from 1 hit of blotter is an amphetamine like buzz with visual distortion. I think you should store the 1 hit you have already in a cool dark place and buy 1 or 2 hits more so you don't waste your money on several small doses and do 1 large dose at once so you'll have some fun. With 2 or 3 hits you will trip ok and have a really fun time where you know whats happening and can control yourself and your actions.
  5. haha dude if i can handle 10 hits of acid while i'm in school and not get caught i'm sure u can handle a few, haha and when the hell did u get acid? i aint even get any yet

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