Self accounts of seeing series of ones and feeling powerful things spiritually

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    Hi folks,

    \tFirst and foremost, I don't have work tomorrow so I shall take the time to make a thread that will hopefully generate some responses. A few years ago, my cousin ( a 28 year old now) started researching the topic of aliens and the meaning behind ancient and recent findings/artifacts and so on and so forth. Mind you, prior to this he was always a very strong minded individual with almost a sort of dickheadish attitude he admitted to. He remains to be the same strong minded individual yet has become one of the most loving, intrigued, accepting, understanding and knowledgeable people I know. I don't know what sparked the change in him, but something did, which I think was his lightswitch interest in aliens and now overall spirituality. He was a a hardworker, big drinker and smoked very rarely if ever.

    \tMy cousin now drinks only on occasion and hasn't cared for smoking weed which is nothing new, which I'm more than accepting of. Ultimately, the exposure of all this has led him, myself, my brother and many others to deeply consider what not only our meaning is here, but what, if any hope is there for a different world. We've come to realize that the time we live in isn't what life should be like at all. If I try to go too in depth, I'll get way too sidetracked, so I'm attempting to keep things simpler. I myself find it hard to relay what thoughts and feelings I get, but most times the feelings are strong.

    \t I try to make the best of things despite the disagreements I have with certain things around me and truly love many aspects of life. However, I have become overwhelmed and bitter about the many things wrong with how not only the human race operates, but how things in general are. I'm someone that has felt something is wrong with the picture. Every great civilization has been flawed in some way, which some theorists believe are the reason for the disappearance of said civilizations. While natural disasters seem to be the probable cause, it's not that crazy to think that perhaps, a higher power, maybe extraterrestrials have been monitoring and keeping us in line over time, for the betterment of humanity. One must also understand that earth is merely a microcosm, if that in space. We'd be absolutely foolish to think we're the only form of intelligent life. So with that said, it's likely to believe that there is an alien culture attempting and achieving interaction with human life.

    \t There are several hundreds of videos of UFO sightings and a handful of testimonies from respected and important past government officials, as well as say Groom Lake and Area 51 test pilots. Fact of the matter is that the proof is in the pudding, and if your someone who has not yet accepted or understood that alien interaction is entirely possible and likely, then I'd I would suggest looking into it with hopes that it will spark an interest. There are holes in this that I'd love to fill in and go more in depth about, but I'll spare the reading for now. The point I'm trying to make is that this has all led up to my constant seeing of the numbers 1, in a series whether it be the time (11:11 or 1:11) or showing in multiple combinations. An example of the combination I speak of would be when say my current miles left to an empty gas tank on the digital gauge read to 111, after not having looked at it for quite a while. This has happened even when the time was 1:11. I would also like to add that I'm not staring the clock at 1:05 and plan to look at it in a few minutes hoping it'll be 1:11.

    \t Usually, when I have these occurrences, it seems to be when I'm thinking of something entirely unrelated and haven't viewed the clock in a while. Then when I see the number 1, arranged in whatever series it may be, I feel almost as if the numbers are looking at me and my body gets an almost tingly feeling. It's quite difficult to explain, but I'll end with saying that I'm sure there is much further meaning to the things happening to me currently than I'm able to understand. I can say however that I'm going to continue being the best person I can be and will be willing to accept whatever changes, whether spiritual/ physical/ or mental that might occur in the coming months or years perhaps.
    \tA main belief of mine is that with 2012 approaching, things may be coming to a point. Regardless of what may happen in 2012, assuming its non apocolyptic that is, will barely phase most people. However, a select few of us will continue our transference into the 4th dimension I'm hoping, where we change emotionally and intellectually for the better. Please share any related thoughts or ideas you have. One more thing I wanted to add is that I've been job searching for months and recently and didn't have much luck. To say the least, within what seemed like a snap of the fingers, I had an interview on 11/11 recently that went so well, I was hired the next day. This was my first interview in a couple of months mind you. Coincidence? It's hard for me to think so.
  2. unless you break it up, no ones gonna read that.
  3. [quote name='"chronicman00"']unless you break it up, no ones gonna read that.[/quote]

    I was gonna say this too. I'm kinda interested but it's hard to read..
  4. yeah its hard to read lol use parapgraphs yo
  5. haha ok ok, fixed. sorry, I had a deep train of thought and wanted to get it all down. my buzzedness/vape session kept me from remembering to edit it
  6. pretty interesting ive had similar thoughts lately
  7. Thanks. there's much more to it and I had more I wanted to include but I just want to compose my thoughts as to better get my point across lol
  8. Ahhh 11:11 plays a major role in my life as well. Try searching for 11:11 phenomenon on youtube :)

    Happy awakening!
  9. i remember asking thiz question when i started browsing these forums. i remember someome throwing out the term "synchronicity". :smoke:

    I look at it as knowing, understanding, and accepting the fact that you're exactly where you're supposed to be. because you always are.

    If time is the illusion, what are the numbers?

  10. synthetic;):smoke:
  11. "it's not that crazy to think that perhaps, a higher power, maybe extraterrestrials have been monitoring and keeping us in line over time, for the betterment of humanity."

    Not feeling you.
  12. The fact that you think about it make you more aware of it...I see 23 all the time like in that birthday is the 23rd, michael jordan was 23...coincidence? probably

  13. "It's also not that crazy to think that perhaps, a higher power, maybe extraterrestrials have been monitoring and keeping us in line over time, for the enslavement of humanity."
  14. you're not alone

    About 23
  15. i heard that 2012 will be an awakening of consciousness. light will more easily manifest itself on this physical plane and it will be easier to incorporate this into your body and ascend and inhabit your light body at time, and become a higher vibrational being. meditating before 2012 will help a lot to help you ascend. when you ascend you help all of earth because you bring more light into this dimension
  16. haploid sex cells have 23 chromosomes
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    This. It's exactly what I've read and come to understand. I'm glad there are people that understand what I'm trying to explain here. To anyone that says I'm seeing the ones because I'm paying more attention to them just simply doesn't know where I'm coming from. I don't get upset with people when they think I'm either crazy or don't know what I'm talking about because fortunately, I see past the negative energy and continue to move forward spiritually.

    In terms of time, yes I too know it is fabricated and that no such thing exists. The earth quite simply is just completing its cycles. A man made thing such as time should not dictate deadlines in your life, which are also just made up to coincide with whatever system it applies to. Everything we've become so involved in as humans, especially in the more "fortunate" countries is consuming what we really are. The time is coming to bring back the natural spirit that every human has but some will mask it longer than others or not allow the change to take place.

    I've had psychedelic spiritual eye opening moments as many of you have. In those moments, I have never felt closer to being the rawest human I could be. I felt so in tune with the universe, as if I were a part of the pulse. I contemplated how killing and violence had ever occurred, and wondered why life couldn't always have been as beautiful as it was in that moment. I only smoke and drink occasionally now and would gladly trip again, but the point I'd like to get across is that my head is rather clear, so only some of the greatest things I've learned were substance influenced (mushrooms).

    I also get rather intense moments of deja vu and this feeling comes over me, and I know that a situation is about to play out and I can predict what's going to happen, such as a phrase being said by someone. My idea of deja vu is not something like driving down a road one time only to do it again and call it deja vu, just so were on the same page here. Please folks, continue sharing your thoughts

  18. I certainly don't think so. If aliens have been around for millions of years, they certainly are the most intelligent beings. I'm sure you've noticed the recent spike in sightings, whether craft or light displays in the sky. If aliens had bad intentions for us, they'd either make it known quicker or would have vaporized us by now, don't you think? My thought is that somewhere in the near future, the alien and human interaction will be made public. However, it needs to be done slowly as to not cause complete chaos on earth, something they know. What's the major crisis on earth at the moment? Energy. We'd be lucky if extraterrestrials were to offer us their secret to limitless, clean energy considering the shitty way we continue to operate. We're crying out that we're in an energy crisis, that we don't have jobs and the fact that we're in unthinkable debt. Considering all of these things, the best possible outcome would be that extraterrestrials will come down and help us to turn things around. They are the smartest beings and with that said, nothing would come of our extinction or "enslavement" because we are already enslaved anyway. My thought is that aliens are attempting to help us, but since the government has us so sheltered and lied to, well, good luck telling us that aliens are here to help.

  19. First I think we need to be able to distinguish between extra-terrestrial and extra-dimensional beings.

    We already have clean energy but the shadow US government, with its petro-corporations in hand, have no intention of releasing that information. It's all tied up in patents.

    I think it is wrong to assume that aliens are more intelligent. They may have had more time to develop their technologies, but that alone does not mean that they are any more or less intelligent than us. They've had longer on the evolutionary scale.

    I think it is also wrong to assume that aliens would either show or vapourise us. It's like seeing everything in black and white when we know there are shades of grey in between.

    Let's assume that they are malignant and want to harvest us. Wouldn't it be easier to just sit comfortably in outer space, monitor the situation and intervene surgically to further their agenda?

    There are good and bad aliens. The good aliens will respect non-intervention as we have to grow as a species, the bad aliens will intervene.

    As for 2012 we will see the activation of stargates, this is a once in a 26500 year event. During these periods we have the chance to ascend to a higher dimension, making the leap of faith from harmonic universe 1 to harmonic universe 2. HU1 holding dimensions 1-3, HU2 4-6 and so on to HU5.

    Last time round the stargates did not open as we are under the control of bad aliens at the moment. The stargates have not opened for 200,000 years. They will open this time as the good aliens are now interfering as Earth is now in evacuation mode.

    Clean energy from aliens sounds like the tv show V. Uncanny!

    Disclosure is more likely to come from European countries or China/India than the US. Disclosure can not be gradual. The internet will not allow that. Globalisation n'all.

    Disclosure is going to rattle religions and countries.

    As for 11:11 I once had a really good link about it but I am struggling to remember the site. Ill post it if I find it.

    The 2012 London olympics have aliens in their displays. Weird. Something going on. The xxx olympics.

  20. my moments of "deja vu " come with hallutionations that make anything any of those drugs^^^ we arnt allowed to talk about;):smoke: seem disappointing....i have been to whole other worlds in these moments....

    much more like "i know i have felt/done this before......"and if i stay around people ...yes....i would know what was going to be said next....done next.....not just is something i feel in every cell of my body....
    now if i go away from the people when it comes...and hold onto it
    with the feeling come the most i could feel as well as hear....again in every cell of my being....
    all the world would turn red....
    i could taste blood or copper in my mouth.....
    all the world would close in around me....and then tear itself open again ...offering me a moments glimpse into the world that the music came to me from......

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