Selective bud harvesting

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  1. Hey gc, read a post in another forum (Zeus's take on harvesting) and it mentions trics aren't the only indicator of when to harvest. Pistil shriveling is also an indicator - what's your take on that???

    Zues also does selective harvesting - just harvesting the buds up top first and others when ready. What about that???

    The pics are of the top buds and some lower down.

    Thanks for the help.

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  2. I would agree that trichs are only 1 indicator of ripeness. Of course each plant is different but usually one can tell that a plant is "done" by status of all the indicators one choices to use.

    I go by average trich color + hairs(red, withering, still growing etc...) and overall look of the plants(leaf color loss/changes, water intake, general look). My observations is that regardless of strain, when a plant is done it looks done.

    good luck

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