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  1. My blueberry plant is in week 3 of flowering under 6 2700k 23w CFLs in my closet.
    The plant has just gone through some stress. Friends came over and i had to close my closet door almost all day, causing it to go around 96 degrees for a few hours inside. Also, had to water it a day late because by the time they left it was already nighttime for the plant since its on 12/12 light cycle, so i didn't want to open the door.
    On top of that, it was very lightly "super cropped" 3 or 4 days ago, but all stems are recovering wonderfully from that. However, i noticed some of the leaves were starting to become spotty/yellow. Only a handful of leaves are doing this, the rest look healthy.
    The pictures show what the leaves are doing. I have never added nutes/ph stuff or anything, and I'm growing in MG soil, which I've had to flush several times already because of burning. Ive been reading through some nutrient/ph related articles but i can't determine for sure what's wrong...anyone recognize the problem? Thanks for any advice!

    EDIT: I realize that it may just be some of those lower leaves aren't getting enough light and are dying off like many already have, but since it just went through such a stressful last 2 days i want to make sure theres not a problem i need to handle.

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