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  1. Something we don't usually talk about, it seems...

    For those of you who are well into adulthood (at least 30), remember back when you were an adolescent and you thought that you knew more than your elders, that they couldn't possibly know how you feel about things or what it's like to be a teenager?

    Now that you've grown up, have you ever realized that, alas, you weren't as smart as you thought you were and that, well, maybe your elders did know something about what you were going through and how you felt?

    Not that it matters. We've all made it this far without spending useless time on thinking about that question, but I was just wondering if others felt this way about their pasts. Or am I the only one who really didn't know as much as I thought I knew?
  2. ha well i am not well into adulthood, but i have thought about situations in my past where i remember thinking something to the extent of "you have no idea what it is like" only to look back now and see they were only trying to help and they probably could have if i would have let them. Although, there ARE situations in today's world that kids go through that the parents generation did not have to go through, but i guess that is true for each upcoming generation and probably will be that way for the rest of humans existance.
  3. I agree totally, I never listened to my rents, and boy should have I . I did all kinds of stupid shit, as we all have. If I did listen 2 them they could have saved me some trouble, but them again who wants to change anything that happens. I mean if the littlest thing can change the world why would you want to change it. I would never go back and change a thing. My parents did what they could and I did what I did. My life iz great and I love where I am at in it, I have a great wife and a nice place to stay. Shit man there r many who don't have shit, so I am happy. I know what you mean though, its like they knew b fore we had a chance to try it. I guess the saying iz true. " Youth and treachery will never overcome age and experience" - T- bone (unckle terry). JOE>
  4. Yes, definatley.

    But I'm still very much learning and growing, i'm still a changing person well into my age.

    I'm constantly introspective of my actions and thoughts and beleifs, I eager to realize my errors and mistake in that and to adapt and grow.

    But that adolescent agression and invincibility is long gone

    I think it's very important to be self-aware, because introspection is lost and miscatoragized as "self-esteem", but the reflection about who you are and your impact and interaction is very seldomly examined conciously.
  5. Well, I'm only 21, but I've definitely come to realize how stupid i was as a teen. And really, i was a pretty "good" teen...didn't smoke or drink or anything till college, didn't get in trouble, but i still thought i knew everything and that my parents had no clue about my life. Now that i've gotten over that teenage ego, I get along with my parents more like friends than anything's great!
  6. meh, i'm 22 and still do alot of stupid shit and am aware of its stupidity but still do it cuz I'm irresponsible. But meh, I didn't fuck around at all and was a little preppy bitch during middle school and high school. Now I'm in college and just doing okay, but no real focus on much concerning jobs and subject matters these days, cept for ganja of course, but I've come to accept that as a given now.
  7. I'm 22. I fought with my parents a little bit but not too much. Thinking back 5-10 years I still think I was right about most of it. I like to think I'm a pretty "old soul" so I don't think I'll be pontificating about how right my parents were in a few years.

    I think parents need to keep in mind that just because they're older doesn't mean they know what they're talking about and just because their kids are teenagers doesn't mean they're wrong. Also, parents need to pick their battles. My mom had a habit of bitching about every little thing she didn't like so I really didn't listen when bigger things came up and that's not my fault. It's hers for desensitizing me to her concerns.

    That being said, I have a pretty good relationship with my parents. I don't tell them everything because what they don't know can't hurt them. We mostly get along well because I haven't fucked up badly yet and I'm older so they trust me more. I haven't changed how I think or act a whole lot but agism is a powerful thing.

    "I'm old and smart and that makes me right. You're young and inexperienced and that makes you wrong." Be careful you don't fall into this when you're a parent. I'm going to do my best to trust my kids and only piss them off when it's necessary. i.e. I won't bug them if they don't make their bed once but if they come home drunk and smelling like tobacco at 13 they're going to hear about it. I might turn a blind eye to a little weed smell, as long as they keep out of trouble. :)
  8. i'm only 20 and i already realized my parents infinite knowledge. haha we have a really good relationship, as a child i was really dissobediant (who wasn't?) but as an adult i have realized that they infact do know everything :)
  9. i've grown up and come to realize how wise i was as a child.
    i was like a minature budda :p..."with fur" :bongin: :laughing:
  10. Im right, everyone else is wrong.

  11. Maybe. Some people are just.. they give bad advice. Or, in my case, all of the advice was given based on a slant - a religious slant. Sheltered elders are hard to listen to.

    But yeah, I get what you're getting at.
  12. Theres a difference to being Naive and being dumb. I was Naive. Meaning that because I didn't have certain life experiences I looked at the world differently. I'm talking about like a few years ago when I was 18. I think about things I thought and did. Never were they stupid decisions but just a bit of normal immaturaty that come with being a young person. I never had an additude of "knowing everything" I knew enough to know that that was rediculious. Thinking you know everything is somewhat ironic. Becase in thinking you know everything you actually prove that you don't know that you don't. Wow, that's some stoney ass revelations and I'm not even high.

    Talking about this does remind me of the two assholes my dad was friends with who always belittled me simily for the fact I was a youth. The first guy just got on my nerves, my dad's nieghbor. He was 30 and always assumed I thought I knew everything because when he was 15 he thought he knew everything. The other guy, my dads roommate always like to wave me and everything I said off because I was a kid. He treated me as though I was not worth the respect of a human because I was a kid. Funnily enough once it got to the point that I realized I was larger than him and let him know I knew that he finally backed off quite a bit. Closest I've even been in a fist fight was the two times he mouthed off at me when I was 15. He backed down or someone stepped in but after I resorted to physical threats was when he finally got the hint.

    Funny, I'm the idiot kid trying to talk out a problem for years then when I finally get fed up and try a new barbaric method does the "Wise" man understand.

    This long ass post (sorry) was brought to you by the noun, Irony.
  13. me and my roomates had this exact discussion the other day (all 19-20, ending second year of school) my parents used to always say the day would come when i would realize how right they were, that they werent against me or out to get me and really did in fact know more than me. i was just randomly thinking about it and yep, they were right...really woulda paid off to have listened a bit more back then but i guess its a live and learn and at least i've learned now

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