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  1. last night could have fucked up my entire life.

    i was with two friends. one was reading a magazine, declining my offer of a joint beause "he can't get high anymore." whatever. the other has never smoked in his life, and is open to the experience.

    we smoke a joint and i leave him with another to try on his own. he starts smoking right there while i'm facing the other direction watching some tv.

    i look over after a few minutes and ask him how he's feeling. he responds by stretching his back against the wall. i'm thinking, he's really enjoying it, and i grin.

    but then his eyes roll back and he starts twitching. his face turns red and by the sound of him breathing there was obviously something clogging his throat.

    my other friend is trying to hold him down because he's twitching like he's having a seizure. i'm not sure if i should call 911 or do some cpr shit on him. i was baked out of my skull and completely clueless as to what to do.

    i can't believe how good it felt to see his eyes roll back into place.

    he stopped twitching and his eyes opened for the first time in an hour-long minute. he thought he had just waken up. all me and my friend could say was, "holy shit" over and over again.

    he doesn't want anyone to tell because it's embarassing. but, fucket, stoners are good people, and i need to know if this has happened to anyone else. i don't want this kid to have a seizure every time he smokes.
  2. glad to hear your friend is OK, but i have never heard of anyone having a seizure from smoking weed. closest i ever got to anything weird is seeing stars and my fingers tinglin', so i don't know! has he ever had seizures before?

    i've seen people cough so bad it is hard to function, but never go into a seizure. maybe he took in too much smoke and was having a hard time breathing. maybe hang with him when he smokes, pay attention to how hard he hits it, tell him to ease off it.
    or, maybe he's allergic, you never know!

    and he shouldn't be embarrassed... everyone reacts differently the first time, i have a friend who puked the first time he ever smoked REALLY chronic green bud, and boy did he puke, it was like instantaneous! :) he was not expecting the thickness/potency of the smoke & got overwhelmed. that could be just what happened to your friend...

    also i had a good friend whose older brother we smoked out for the first time and he had this huge PANIC attack and had me on the phone w/ 911 because we were so stoned & thought he had a horrible case of food poisoning or something, turns out he was just SUPA stoned.

    but if it happens again i say maybe he should see his doctor, or just stay AWAY from it.
    seizures are NOT good, and if he's having them other than this incident it'd be a good idea to get it checked out.
    best of wishes!!
  3. Maybe your friend has epilepsy and doesn't know it. I have friends w/ epilepsy who have told me they can't smoke weed because they will have siezures.

    That shit's pretty serious. I know he probably wont, but he should go to the doctor and tell them he had a siezure. It's not like the doctor will arrest him or tell his parents he was smoking pot or something
  4. Does your friend have a history of siezures? cause i ghad a friend whjo had a pretty bad history of them but they stopped. He started smoking weed about 2 years later and they started again. you should ask him. I'm glad he's alright
  5. he's never had one before, and he doesn't want another. so he says he's done with smoking. it's his deal, and it's probably for the best.

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