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Discussion in 'Fitness, Health & Nutrition' started by Cocoa Toni, Apr 12, 2021.

  1. Anybody Else Have These on GC? I Been With Them for Many Years Now but it Been a While Since I Had One. I Take Meds to Prevent them Now. Used to Be That I Would Start Feeling Really Weird an Sick before I Had One So i Knew it was Coming Towards Me. Now I Haven't Felt that Since Last Year When I Got on My Meds. My Doctor Say it was Because I Had High Blood Pressure an Partly because of My T.B.I as Well So I Take Meds For that too. Anyways I was J/W if Anybody Else Ever Has Them on GC an What Do You do About it?
  2. I've had 2 seizures in my life, decided to go on medication for it after the second one, mainly because they wouldn't give me back my driver's license if I didn't, but I haven't had any more seizures in almost 5 years now so I'm pretty thankful that my medication works.

    I suspect my habitual weed use probably helps protect me somewhat, too, as there's quite a bit of medical science backing up cannabis as a natural anticonvulsant drug. I spent a lot of time worrying about having another one, but after 5 years, I've come to accept that if it happens, it happens, and I'll deal with it then.
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  3. Thats Good to Hear You Havent Has Any ina While You Right That Weed Helps...I Havent Had Any in Like 4 Months Since i Got Put on Different Seizure Meds. Do You Ever Get to feeling Really Weird/Sick Before You Have Them an So You Know it's Coming? That's How it is With Me Anyways. That Feeling Not always Correct but it is Alotta The Times.

  4. Weirdly enough I never had any bad feeling or signal that I was going to seize. Literally my first seizure I was in the middle of telling a joke and people were laughing(apparently, I have no memory) and then my face just blanked out and I fell down seizing, I bit my tongue so hard the right side of it is still sort of mangled to this day.

    I had an MRI of my brain done and everything, they couldn't find anything structurally wrong with my brain. My neurologist still isn't sure what actually caused it, which is actually quite common with epilepsy.

    I'm just glad that I live a normal life, aside from taking the pills every day. Epilepsy has become kind of a background detail in my life, instead of front and center like it was years ago when first diagnosed. I'm thankful, because many people, even with the best medical help, still have seizures regularly and can't live normal lives.
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  5. Damn Man i Sorry You Hurt Your Tongue like That :( The Last Times i Had a Seizure My Husband Was Talking To Me an I Randomly Just Said The Words "Peanut Butter" Right Before I Had it. I Don't Remember that tho The Next Ting I Remember was Being in The Ambulance. That's Good You Living a Normal Life. I Never Had Seizures Until After I Got My T.B.I. Seems Like That The Source of all My Brain/Mental Problems TBH. Even So I Still Love My Life an am Relatively Happy Most Times. AnywaysI Hope You Stay Seizure Free in The Future too tho too.

  6. Some meds can cause seizures, I had alergic reaction to traazadone , got tons of damage from it horrible side effects. Not from a minor sieZ but from its horrible effects it can have on men while sleeping . And no way to fix the damage ….
    It should not even be legal imo … wish I had the money to sue over it .:cop:
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  7. CBD and CBDV are anti-convulsants. Recommended dose for epilepsy is around 300mg CBD. If I were having seizures, I'd probably be buying CBD and CBDV isolate and making hash caps.

    I've only had one seizure in my life, and it was about 2 weeks after a tick bit me when I was an infant. Lyme disease is a bitch.
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