Seizure while smoking?

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  1. Ive only been smoking for about 2 months this happend a couple weeks ago me and my friend were burning we had a little more than a gram rolled up into a game leaf everything was fine until about 10 mins after we finished smoking it i had a crazy body high and was just chilling next thing ik im spacing out and he told me I had a seizure only bad experience ive had i think it is because i didnt eat or drink much that day has this happend to any of you guys
    sorry for the grammar failed english 11
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  2. That's not a seizure.

    Your friend is 15.
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  3. Thank you for the comment I was telling him I was just bugging but he said i was shaking and shit exactly like a seizure.I have had a seizure before (not while smoking).
  4. IMO" see your doctor

    talk about it with him

    he knows ya history?

    good luck
  5. I'm not saying it was, but there are lots of types of seizures and since OP has had a seizure in the past I wouldn't flat out dismiss it as nothing.
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  6. you managed to write that much without placing a single "period"? My man...:love-mj:
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  7. dude that's crazy. i saw a girl have a seizure once, she was hitting the pipe mad hard and feel over and her eyes rolled back and shit, it was insane. i thoguht she was going to die so me and the homie eric were going to bounce but then bitch deadass gets up like nothing happeened and is like so who wants next lmao
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  8. You sure it was it was and only bud in there?
  9. that changes it up. if you had a seizure before then it could be. im no expert. i just see a lot of threads made by people thinking they had an exorcism or something from smoking weed. i'd be careful i f i were you
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  10. Hey man. Yeah its actually a really common thing.
    I haven't really heard of it being talked about a lot but its not the weed its actually nicotine.
    I've over dosed on nicotine via vape and had a seizure on my girlfriends lap. Then one time me and my friends were smoking a dutch and it was skimpy (more tobacco leaf to weed ratio) and my friends girlfriend had a seizure. And to the guy who said the spacing out thing isn't seizure, youre retarded man. That's literally what a seizure is, and anyone with epilepsy or who has even had a seizure knows you gotta fight the spacing out feeling to get out of it. That's why you talk to someone who's having a seizure. Anyway man you're just sensitive to nicotine. I'd say lay off blunts, or just dont chief the fuck out of them. Once you feel the nicotine rush don't hit it for a while. Anyway man I hope I helped
  11. yes what happened is your blood sugar got too low. Make sure to eat and drink BEFORE you smoke, and if need be, you can eat after you smoke
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  12. Thank you for the comment and yeah I think it is the nic cause i smoked a blunt last night and my head has hurting all day today.
  13. I dont think that was what happend im actually type 1 diabetic and right when i start feeling the high I always test my blood sugar and when i did it was perfect and right after my friend "woke me up" i tested it and the number was perfect so i dont think it was the blood sugar
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  14. I have an ex girlfriend that smoked with me when we were together. On three different occasions she appeared to have some sort of seizure immediately after taking a hit. The first one wasn't so bad, and she just kinda ended up slumped on the couch, the second one she started shaking locked up and fell to the floor, and the third time she started seizing violently and laid back on the couch. Never seen anything like it before, but it was crazy. And in the moment it was scary as hell

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  15. You needed to eat. I don't know if you found out what happened. I know this much tho.. weed can lower your blood sugar real quick. I had this happen but just was feeling shaking I ate I was fine.

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