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  1. So I ordered 6 seeds from The Attitude Seed Bank, however they were seized by customs. (I live in Canada) The reason I think they were reviewing it was because they were inside a metal container. I'm guessing that it was the metal that made them check.

    Anyways, my questions are, have I been red flagged for future imports?
    Is there anything I can report back to customs to get my 6 seized seeds back? (Such as, I am simply a collector)
  2. I don't know for sure but I would honestly be more surprised if you WEREN'T on some sort of watch list now. And I guarantee there is 0% chance you could get the seeds back.

  3. I see. What do you think were to happen if I ordered another single seed in a non-metal container? (Just in a small package) Would they simply seize it again and send me another letter?

    Thanks for the quick reply.
  4. Probably. Your address may be flagged, have you ever had any other seizures before? You can bet if you live in a small town/area then your postmaster knows of this personally...a larger city, not likely.

    Attitude has a high success rate for deliveries, how do you know they are being shipped in a metal container if you didn't receive the package?

  5. It gave the option to add a metal container for like $2 and I didn't think about the fact that it may be more susceptible to being stopped at customs that way..
  6. doh!

    well, you could always try it again without it, just to he was saying, if you're in a rural area, postmaster may know to watch your stuff...

    if you want to try a different seed bank altogether, just in case they're checking the return label or whatever, I know herbies' superstealth is not in a metal container and is pretty inconspicuous, even if the customs people xray the package....only thing is the package comes from england...
  7. I got my first seeds from Marijuana Seeds - Single Marijuana Seeds with no problems. So I'll try again through them (who do not use metal containers) and hopefully I get my packages without trouble.
  8. Well they're also in no customs this time
  9. Yep they just sent mine in a wallet
  10. Did you pay extra for the stealth shipping? if so then Attitude may send you some replacement seeds. My last order with them was stealth shipping in an extra large t-shirt with the tin and I had no problem getting them delivered witihin a reasonable amount of time.

  11. Actually they're located in the UK, they just ship exclusively to Canada I believe
  12. To bad your not in the United States. Our postal service is so inept that they can not even pay money into there pension plan lol. There missing a 5 billion dollar payment and another 1 billion later on in the year.

    Then our retard Congress rather then solve the issue feels its more important to have 23 bills renaming some Post Offices in there names to honor them.

    Its literally like going into a Time Warp at
  13. Just recieved my seeds from Marijuana Seeds - Single Marijuana Seeds So whether or not I'm red flagged, I still got these seeds quickly and without any issues.


    If you live in Canada, Marijuana Seeds - Single Marijuana Seeds should have no issues with customs. If you order from another seed bank such as Attitude, and it gives you the option to include a crush proof tin, do NOT take it as the metal is what most likely got my shipment seized by customs.

    I'm only saying this based on what happened to me, but it may in turn help somebody else in the future who may be experiencing the same issue.
  14. Glad to hear you got your new order :hello:
  15. im sure tin had nothing to do with seeds not making just dumb luck of  a random check
    they do random checks
    im in usa and got seeds in that same tin and it went thru Chicago no problem
    this was 3 or 4 years ago
    in fact never had issue attitude 100% delivery rate
  16. It's always best to order seeds within your own country so nothing has to go through customs. I live in BC, Canada, and I order through Vancouver Seed bank when I need beans.
  17. I say it's all about luck, either they check or they don't. Personally I haven't had to deal with this situation but if I did I would wait a while until I make another order... Why? What if they do send it knowing what it is and wait for mid grow to bust you? I would just wait it out and try a different seed bank sometimes they look for certain addresses the seed bank uses i would contact them demanding a refund especially if they guarantee successful stealth shipping

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  18. Contact "them" as in the seed bank. If you contact customs good luck you'll definitely be red flagged

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    I guess it's never too late for some good advice :)
  20. Lol I noticed the date after I posted but hey it's all still a good reference for people searching

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