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seizure from eating weed?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by YBCold, Apr 28, 2010.

  1. right so i just posted in pandora forum but im not sure if it went through or not so ill post here

    my friend sold me some cheapy "Stress/ Shwagg" and since i couldnt smoke it i ate it.

    12 hours later i get light headed, start hearing a LOUD ringing in my ears, Sweating, and i urinated on myself. almost shat myself also almost lost my eyesight for a bit

    Does anyone know if the weed might have had someting to do wit it?. anyone with similar experiences or somthing to say?

    i never really use. i was more interested in getting some seeds. but i wanted to try it. i think maybe it was laced or had pesticides or i had an allergic reaction?
  2. Did you just straight up eat the weed? Like take a bud and swallow it?
  3. Bud doesn't do that to you. You probably ingested a foreign substance along with the herb.
  4. well thats deffinatly not a seizure, my sister is epileptic and you pass out if you have a seizure. I bet that the weed wasn't flushed of fertilizer, but its just an educated guess...
  5. yeah,that's what i was thinking

  6. I bought bud from this dealer I've never bought from before, he is friends with my friends so I thought he'd be ok. I've bought from him twice now, both times two different kinds.

    Ever since I started smoking with him, everytime I smoke I get these terrrible headaches, my eyes literally feel like they're popping out of my head. When I look in the mirror, my eyelids are so sucken in that it really does look like my eyes are popping out of my head and i get this terrible ringing in my ears, I'm always afraid that I'm going deaf.

    I just kind of arrived at the conclusion that maybe I don't drink enough water while I smoke or maybe the stuff is just better than I'm used to or maybe I've been accidently smoking too much, but now that I read this I think it may be something else.

    This is why marijuana should be legalized. Just like with prohibition: it's illegal, but we find ways to do it anyway. If it was legal, our lives would be in less danger because there would be ways to regulate where the weed comes from and what's in it
  7. yeah i did swallow the bud. i figured id see what happens. not sure what i had. i did black out though. im not a doctor and nobody saw me long enough but i think it coulda been a seizure. not sure what else could be causing it.

    i did have one zyrtec in the morning but i use that all the time for my allergies and never had a side affect. im not sure what chemicals can do that to someone. but im all better today just a bit frail and embarrassed
  8. Well I am sure just eating the buds whole made you sick. Your not supposed to eat bud straight, im sure it tastes like shit and you'd get sick.

    Next time make a brownie or firecracker real quick then munch on it hah.
  9. i guess ill do that if i ever use weed again. i just really wanted the seeds coz i like to grow. but i figured id do something with it. maybe should have made butter or something dunno. ill keep u guys posted if i have any more side effects
  10. I didn't know trolls had weed connects
  11. trolls? im serious. i think it was laced. not sure. either way im ok now.
  12. Lol u pissed yourself
    but on the serious side, did you have anything to eat today?
  13. It could've been a result of the Zyrtec. It has been known to cause problems when coupled with low blood sugar: i.e. if you weren't eating properly, the Zyrtec is a likely candidate.

    And just FYI, so you don't waste anymore bud...it won't get you high if you just straight eat it. The good stuff in the bud needs to be activated by heat, and bonded to a fat, in order to be consumed for a high.
  14. NOT true dude. One time before school I was going to toke but I ended up being a little later than scheduled and I didn't have time to smoke. My school routinely brought in drug dogs to the parking lot and shit so I didn't want to have any shit in my car, so I ate it :smoking: During the second to last period of the day, I got hit with a high so hard that I couldn't move lol. I layed my head on the desk in last period and prayed that I would stop being so high so I could drive home. Shit was scary, man I don't fuck with eating bud straight anymore
  15. It IS true though. You ate it, expected to get high, and BAM. Placebo high. It's funny how the body works.

    There is no mechanism in our bodies which would heat the bud hot enough to bind it to fat to allow the THC to become psychoactive in our systems. It just doesn't work like that...and is the reason weed has been smoked, rather than eaten straight, for the past 6000+ years.
  16. No dude, like I was so high I couldn't walk to my last class. I was FUCKED out of my mind, I wasn't even expecting it to do anything and it just steamrolled me:smoking:

  17. hahaha..stupid people crack me up
  18. ha i know i dont actually use weed. so yeah ima noob. anyhow havent had anymore complications could be low blood sugar. seems like weed probly had nothing to do with this. but atleast i got a good stash of seeds out of it. anyhow thanks for the replys

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