Seinfeld Appreciation Thread

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  1. What is your favorite episode(s)? Mine is "The Marine Biologist" from Season 5..."the sea was angry that day my friends..."
  2. theres no way i could chose just one episode as my favorite. i love them all, they never get old.
  3. if you include all Larry David's stuff.. :hello:
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  4. My favorite episode is "The Reverse Peepholes"

    It features Puddy and his fur coat
  5. Yeah Puddy and Joe Mayo own the same fur coat and Elaine accidentally throws Joe Mayo's coat out the window where it lands in a tree and Newman climbs it to grab it.

    Woo I watch way too much Seinfeld I have memorized every episode.
  6. i love seinfeld
  7. omfg me too

    i enjoy the episode where george does everything against his intuition and benefits from it

    don't know the name of it
  8. Great show. My favorite episode is the masturbation bet, I dunno know the exact name but its a classic!
  9. "The Contest"...

    Kramer: I'm out! Yeah I'm out of the contest!
  10. "The Opposite"...last episode of Season 5
  11. NO SOUP FOR YOU!!! or the one where elaines dating a communist

  12. oh man that episode is a have to say definatly one of my favorites....kramer cracks me up to no end
  13. My favorite is "The Strike" from season 9. "It's a Festivus miracle!"
  14. I love when George is paniking and calls Jerry from a pay phone.

    George: Jerry you gotta help me! I'm in this situation (etc etc)....

    Jerry: .....who is thiiis?


  15. One word.....

  16. YES!

    seinfeld holds a deep place in ma heart
  17. "Well, the rickshaw's gone. Yeah, we strapped it to a homeless guy and *vreet!*...he bolted." - Kramer
  18. Gammy's gettin' upset!
  19. thats my favorite episode also. I like it when they find the beach whale and someone yells out "IS ANYONE HERE A MARINE BIOLOGIST" and george looks at his girlfriend and walks out into the water. Lol what are the chances

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