sega,nintendo,super nintendo all in one

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by PhillieBluntCP, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. i have a gaming system called the FC3PLUS and it has all 3 of the original systems.... ive been playing so many games from wayyyyy back when Gunstar Heroes, Super Mario World, CONTRA, Ecco the dolphin, vectorman, shit i have so many that i cant even name right now but i just thought u guys should know about this thing its 60 bucks and it supporst all 3 systems oh yeah original XMEN and JURASSIC PARK lol im so high right noww
  2. sounds tight where you get it from?

  3. u can find them online on like ebay and shit

    but where im from there is this specialty store that sells games like sega, nintendo, super nintend, sega cd, sega saturn, n64, u name it they got it.... went in to buy a super nintendo it was 35$ for jsut that and the guy was like

    yo check THIS out..... so i got it for 60 and along with a bunch of sega games and what not..... i was so pissed off my favorite game Ren And Stimpy, had the box there and i guess someone liek stole it out of the box but i went to buy it and they are like theres no game :(

    but anyway yeah its tight its called (FC3 Plus)

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