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  1. I don't know about you guys but I love Sega Genesis. I bought one from a retro store awhile ago along with some solid games. Top game obviously being Zombies at my Neighbors.

    Today I responded to a craigslist ad and got over 20 games and a second console for only $10, complete score.

    Anyone else appreciate Sega Genesis?
  2. Yeah, the mega drive kicked the SNES' ass all overe the place.
    Sega unfortunatley couldn't sell sex to a nymphomaniac, the marketing was absolute shit for everything that came after the mega drive.
    Kind of sad because sega were quite ahead of their time in a lot of respects.

    At least we've been saved any sell out consoles (wii) from sega, the light that burns twice as bright?
  3. I am a hard core Sega fanatic.

    I still have 3 Sega Genesis', and 2 32X systems, all in perfect working order. I kept buying doubles of the systems, when I knew they'd start going off the market. One Genesis is brand new in box :)

    My Game Gear is still running strong too, and Sega aside I have an old Intelevision that works great... makes me sad for all the people with failing X-Boxes, Wii's, and PSP's, when these solid 20-30 year old gaming systems still run, and they run hard and strong. It took years for Nintendo to match the Game Gears gaming abilities in a portable form. And I have never had a (pre-Dreamcast) Sega controller, game, or system fail on me. Ever. Never ever. The first Sonic game, that came with my first Genesis, still works fine.

    People these days should just stop buying into the new systems, until they make them as well (and as inexpensive) as the old ones. I spent 120 on my Genesis with a game and 2 controllers, minimum wage has NOT tripled or quadrupled since the early 90's, it hasn't even come close to doubling, so why are all these kids so happy to overpay for systems that fail so fast, especially when it's cheaper now to mass-manufacture them than ever? We paid -less- for systems in-store in the 80's and 90's, when those same systems used to cost a lot -more- for the companies to make. Now, they are cheaper to make than ever, fail miserably or take ages to load, and people are paying as much as four and five times the original cost of a system when money is tighter than ever these days.

    I know a lot of folks on here are young, and most kids aren't old enough to remember how it use to be, but to those of us who do remember, you may as well get a computer with the way these 'toys' are being manufactured today. I know, some games don't come out on computer, that's a bummer.

    At least when a computer fails though, you can upgrade and keep playing your games (and even better ones), instead of resorting to replacing it with another soon-to-be-broken, exact replica system, when you know in a year they'll have a new less-breakable or 'fixed' version out.
  4. True that, you can literally smash your mega drive against the wall and it'll still work, i've yet to meet anyone who's managed to break one.

    Saying that if you gave anything within a meter radius of it the slightest tap it'd freeze up.
  5. does anyone have a nomad power cable? my buddy needs a new one
  6. Maybe that (freezing) was an issue with some of the first or original mega drives/genesis, but any of mine, you could pick up and move them around while the game was running, nothing ever caused any of mine to freeze. Not even tripping over the cord and dragging it across the room (ah, younger brothers and larger house dogs) could effect or freeze any of mine..... although those were the days before you could plug controllers right back in, if they were pulled entirely out, THAT required a reboot :( lol

    A glass of scotch and coke was tipped onto one once, still works fine, and I know of another that was put through the dish washer after a juice spill (mom knows best =-O ) but hey, it still worked for him after... I dare anyone to try that with a Wii.

    That's what the companies don't seem to realize, people like me are willing to pay more in both games, and the repetetive buying of functional systems, if the systems work well that is.... even though none of mine ever broke or failed, I've probably owned around a half dozen to a dozen over the years, I've given a few away to younger cousins (they still work fine), and sold a few used ones.

    I used to have more than the three I have now in storage, I figured I'd stock up in case they failed in the future, but it hasn't been an issue yet... seems I'll be passing these old working systems on to my grandkids, while the youth of today are left consistently replacing theirs =-P
  7. Genesis was legit.
  8. I've said it before in numerous threads, and I'll say it again:

    "Genesis DOES what NintenDON'T".

    Not sure if I've really ever actually said that. Ah well, I stand by my claims that the Genesis boasted better, harder, and waaaay cooler games. Even though the sound processor of the Genesis sounds like a computer farting, you've gotta love (most of) what game developers did with it!

    Plus, with Sega's low censorship (practically non-existant), we got games like the gore-fest Splatterhouse and Mortal Kombat w/out the blood removed. Sega knew how to give us kids what we wanted!
  9. Did anyone here actually finish altered beast?
  10. Hahaha I'm actually working on that now ^
  11. I just recently dug out from my closet my old Sega Genesis, mainly because my brother let me borrow Shining Force, this strategy RPG he went on and on about. The game was very fun.

    A buddy and I have also had some fun times lately spent playing Streets of Rage 2 while toking.

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