seends in my bud!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Maitereya, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. so i was looking over my girls last night and i find that one of them has a few seeds starting to grow. i took out the males as soon as i could spot them, they didnt even turn a color to flower.

    so i inspected the 3 females i have and theres no flowers showing me they arent a hermaphoridite. i dont even know how they could have got pollen on them :confused:

    should i try and pop out the seeds while the plant is growing? i know it will stop producing thc if there are seeds growing so im not real sure.
  2. Picture please,

    Just because you see seed sacks does not mean seeds will grow inside of them and someimes seed sack can look alot like male pods
  3. the ovaries will swell as maturity gets near the end,,,,when the ovaries are enlarged and the hairs turn the bud is in final stages of development there may not be a seed in there,,,unless youve physically squeezed one out,,,,,the ovaries will look as though a seed is in there,,,and if you got a couple of seeds at least you aint got to do no reordering,,,,,,
  4. yea ive physically squeezed one out, its a seed. and i dont have a camera :(

    i dont understand how it could be producing seeds without a male and i dont see any flowers on them making one a hermaphoridite.
  5. damn, that really sucks dude. its possible if you had a male that when u moved it out of the closet some pollen got into the air.. but that doesnt happen very often. Sorry to hear your females are making seeds :(

  6. Yes. I wrote a reply recently to someone who let their male pop the pollen out amongst the females. In it I said that now he needs to sterilize his grow room, dust his house, vacuum his floors and change his home air conditioning filters. Maybe some thought that was over-kill. This thread proves it isn't. Also, almost everywhere on Earth there are Maryjane plants growing in the wild. It is theoretically possible that one wild male pot plant somewhere fertilized your plants from many miles away. Remember wind can travel microscopic pollen very far and all it takes is a one time contact with your plants. Additionally, sometimes the plants will naturally produce seeds so that if the plant dies, the seed will fall to the ground and plant itself so that the generation of plants will survive.
  7. after reading this thread I checked one of the pods on my big plant, 1 out of the three pods had a seed in it, now i notice it is covered in seed pods, the other plants seem to be fine though.

    I am pissed.
  8. How far into flowering are you? Remember, if you allow it to go too long into flowering the female may produce male "bananas". These bananas open and release pollen into the female, producing seeds. In effect, the plant pollinates itself. This is a natural mechanism in which the plant believes it will not be pollinated and it about to die, so it forces male organs to pollinate itself and drop seeds, thus continuing its genetic line for the next season.

  9. I have only been flowering for 35 days
  10. 35 days is about half of the flowering time. one of my plants started producing seed pods 4 days into flowering. the other plant started growing the female "hairs" but upon further inspection it started producing pollen sacks. what "flower" are you looking for on the male plant? if you have a hermie then its possible the sacks grew and burst without you ever seeing them. they are very easy to overlook and never form an actual flower.
  11. reading all this makes me wanna go scrub the hell out of my closets! sorry mate
  12. It happens. Some plants will produce a little male pollen sack tucked away in the bud itself. It's a hermie if there are no males present. It happened to me and I look my plants over very carefully, I never saw the pollen sack even after the seeds were almost fully formed. But obviously there was one in there somewhere tucked away.

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