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  1. I have seen it all now. I mean that! Am very hard headed and tried it my way so much and now I have seen all the worst and the best and have solved all the main questions. This is for hydro nft, DWC, and the like. Strains, disease, mold, rot, bugs, humidity, heat, light (to much to little to close to early), nutes, temps, smell, air exchange, hieght, yields, strains ( over 13), flowering, vegging, scrogging (have read extensively on it at least), I can help you if you ask...... Now I give a little back.... Ok I have not had worms but they are a common pest and if you can deal with the smaller ones you can deal with them just have to know what to look for.... Like I said ask and ye shall receive. If I am lieing someone will point it out real quick but I am a one stop shop... Ask away.....
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  3. now.....i've seen it all...thanks bro...will get back to gonna love it here

  4. DAMN you have left yourself open for the onslaught. I look forward to seeing your future posts on this and other sections, especially hydro.
  5. what he the your here...why do they call asteriods asteriods and hemmiroid hemmiroids...instead of the other way around:confused::confused:
  6. I have gotten some not a lot but enough good answers on here so I want to help those that want it,. I did, built, bought, fixed, trouble shot, and experienced so many issues in my 4 attempts at this and all were hydro but first in soil which got giant colas but I got greedy and missed the mold in the giant buds because I was how I like to term it stupid. I know people on here hate any "angry" sounding words but I say just get over it. I can and will help if you want some real help but real is not what these replies do so if anyone really wants to see if I have a clue just ask.. Like I said lots and lots of experience with bad stuff and very good stuff so if my attempt to be nice and help some is not wanted I will sign off and say fairwell... I won't need a question again asked because I have figured this stuff out the hard way and remember that which hurts instructs and I a have had to read on my own more times than not because no one will sometimes give a real answer.... I just am trying to help OK!!! So ask me if you want even if you just want to test my knowledge then please try and act like an adult... Thanks....... The one answer I never got that I asked and asked was how many plants for yields in my area, still never got a good answer just bs.. But at least it was a real question, not that they are not all real but when it is a noob question like can you grow a plant indoors and so many answer and I can't get an area plant numbers question answered then well I wonder why I bother..
    But I am going to try to be nice even though I am not... So take it or leave it..... I must be high.... Oh by the way I can type so
    this took me all of 60 seconds fyi.....

  7. One comes out, the other is already out... I prefer the comes out types... And recommend getting off the butt and eating some soluble and non soluble fiber. Oats Soluble, oat meal. Non soluble, bran, mango. Be careful with the mango just one or less.. Yes I do know it all. LOL...


  8. bro... jokin... sorry i piped in... my bad
  9. Because of particulate in the air has light pass through it and the blue spectrum is easy to preceive.
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    There is life on another planet.... Just don't let them know we are here, Like S. Hawkin said most likely they don't know and won't be so nice if they come to visit......

    Ps. Last bs I respond to.... Or not... Kiss:rolleyes:

  10. In your opinion, what nutrient line do you think is the best available?
    What nutrient line is the easiest?
    What nutrient line is the most difficult?
    What wouldn't you grow with?
    What wouldn't you grow without?

    What nutritional system is in your grow room right now? What PPM's do you run during the different stages of a plants life? How much, of each product, do you use per gallon in your own set up?

    What strains do you like and why?
    What strains do you have experience growing?

  11. Dude, you just came off real arrogant..... nobody likes a know-it-all because nobody does. If you want to help that's great. Nobody's gona bust yer balls for helping fellow growers. Prowl around, answer questions where you can and maybe learn too.
  12. LOL... I must have been stoned. I don't know anything... LOL

    I imagine from all I have seen AN is the best. Not worth it though.
    I think Botanicare will be the best, easiest, for the buck, and great results.
    AN is difficult, any line that has 30 different nutes is a pain in my book.
    I would use three part GH for vegging, not hard and last a long time and works great in veg. Gets mine in tubs to 14" tall easy in 30 days. and those are fimmed
    I would not grow with taco juice or any home improvement store nutes.
    I would not be without a the proper measurement tools and or the hps lights.
    I use GH three part, and Botanicare Pro Bloom for Soil in hydro roughneck tubs with PVC made unit with spray heads and air stone. Two tubs.. They all leak by the way. Only way I have found to be sure not to have a leak is to use Tuff Stuff foam under the inside of the rim, hardens fast comes off easy, Just you can't take the top off till your next grow but you don't need to if you figure out that in 30 days you don't have to change anything but add water through a hole.
    I does not take all that much in veg with tap water dechlorinated,
    Clone/seedling no nutes until roots.
    PPM at 300 to 350 for just rooted clones
    Once they start to grow nicely around 500 to 650 ppm stepped up gradually in two to three different adds.
    I am at 1900 ppm at very end of bloom but think moving up to 1000 start of flower or a little less with the bloom nutes only and watch em, no burn, good growth, top off every day with fresh water and every other day nutes, move up in a few weeks the ppm. in a 65 day strain I would be at 1200 by week 4 and 1500 by week 6.
    I love White Russian!!!! why? Because it will know you out!!! And is tough and grows huge colas when done right.
    Strains I no longer mess with: Pure Gold, Ak, PPP, Skunk #1, Power Skunk, La Woman, Thai Super Skunk (way to sativa! takes forever!!!), Jack Herrer, I forgot a few...
    Also I would not grow with out great ventilation, Honestly humidity is the worst issue you will face, it will do lots of messed up stuff to your work.. Thanks.....:smoke:



  13. Its like your trying to talk to me......

    dude.. im the last person to say this but you need to add some periods or something.. im having a hard time figuring out when your on to the next topic...

    It took me a full minute to figure out why you put white russian... but after separating everything out... I love what your talking about... its just so difficult your loosing people

    please keep up your work... just smoke more so you slow down... really focus on a super duper clam bake couch lock... then start typing
  14. I was typing to fast and just not paying attention and my lap to jumps some for no reason and I get frustrated.

    I am growing for the fourth time, twice this strain, and I want to ask how much size increase, in a perfect world, would you expect in the last say 14 days or so?? Hairs have mostly turned in and swelling has begun in earnest. I think I am confused on this because I let one strain, Northern Lights, go to long in a previous grow.. These look done but are, I think, getting bigger now by leaps and bounds. Thought they had stopped and almost chopped but kept looking at trics for amber and not finding them, so i bit my lip and did not and now the buds seem to be expanding. How much more will they grow??
    The only reason I posted in the first place is because I have learned by screwing everything up at least once so I know the cure from the curse as well..... Thanks...

  15. Like to show off my ladies but need step by step directions for pics posting? Thanks.. Thought when I tried it wanted to access my computer in some way and well if that is the deal I want to know. Thanks...
  16. AN is actually probably the easiest line of nutrients to use. Stuff self adjusts ph and doesn't swing ph much at all. Yes expensive. But easy and effective. But if you can't afford a lot of additives then you are better off going with something cheaper.
  17. I disagree! Botanicare without anything else all the way through has given me giant colas with no nute burn issues. I use GH three part in veg just because three one gallon product will last for a long long time. Just cheaper and works just great in veg. You can go with Botanicare Grow in veg if you want to pay just a little more but as I said one for veg one for flower and you get huge results with 5.8ph sticking with no bounce.. That is with tap water even... I bounce my ph down some from there to 5.3 in flower just because science has shown in hydro 5.2 is ideal ph for K untake in bloom but stay around 5.7 most of the time and don't have to do diddly to keep it stable. So you do the math on AN. Just look at their feed schedule on their site, real simple dude..... Ok would somone now answer the 2 final weeks question please....

  18. :confused: What?

    I'm all Canna all day. Real science, real results. If you haven't given them a go I recommend. They lack a little bit in the micro-nutrient profile relying on tap water impurities, but they pH balance beautifully.
  19. My question was last two weeks how much more size, in a perfect world of course. Have not used canna, sure it is great but I know bontanicare and it has made as good a bud as I have seen with any other nute out there and I have looked at lots of pics of bud. Two and one half gallons of bloom is a lot and lasts a long long time and well for the money it is #1 from what I have seen. GH is good for veg as is Bontanicare but for the cheaper price it does just fine in veg.... Also made a boo boo with new passive air vent I made and did not screen it for three days and bam got small white flies. I say small because I have seen larger versions on outdoor plants. What I can tell you about them is you don't want them. They are harder to get rid of than mites and will be around till I cut and boom the whole room! Mites hate neem and it won't hurt your plants buds even if you have only 2 weeks left, hell people eat the shit. But white flies come on fast fast fast and well I have knocked em back a lot but still see them and the eggs so be watchful..... Won't do much in 12 more days though... Neem did knock them down a bit I want to add....... Thanks.


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