Seen an Alien Space-craft

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by SplitGenetics, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Seen this in the sky while walking to the store a little bit ago.. pretty wild IMO

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  2. Pics or gt...wait wtf!

  3. Looks like a traffic light dude, how much were you smoking?
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    Was smoking a good amount, still am. But it wasn't a light
  5. Any abnormal leakage in the bum department? Feeling a little more spacious then usual?
  6. Haters are gunna hate man.

    Honestly i wouldn't be surprised if it was a alien craft of some kind but there's always the chance it was nothing.

  7. You are too quick to call a man a hater. I'm not hating. As a matter of fact, I'd like to be as high as that guy is right now, seeing all kinds of alien spacecraft. Hell, I'm sure we could have one coherent conversation speculating the true identity of such flying objects.
  8. Wow you took a picture of two lights while moving the camera around fast. Better send this in to 60 Minutes.

  9. This is legit the bottom light is longer then middle light 0:
  10. Im not saying your a hater, im just saying people like to butt heads when it comes to aliens and stuff.

  11. Sorry dude, got all defensive on you there. Yeah I agree. It's pretty ignorant to think we're the only people in the universe. A great conversation topic for after a few bongs.
  12. Idk wat u saw man if it wasn't a street light and moved in ways out of this world then it's a UFO
  13. oh and it moved in ways out of this world... the pics dont even show how it looked to the naked eye.. it moved like a gyroscope kind of, i could tell by the way it bounced sort of that it was working against the gravity of the earth.

    it hovered low for about 30 mins, i spotted it on my way home one night, ran home and grabbed my camera...

    it eventually slowly ascended upwards, and then shot off leaving a streak of light in the sky for about 2 mins...

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