Seen a weird reaction to weed?

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  1. When I was 13 my friends and I smoked out this chick who reacted like I have never seen and have yet to see again.

    We were at the beach and the next thing I knew this girl was writhing on the sand, kicking and screaming "I'm not high, I'm not high!" She looked at me and told me to "Stop talking shit before I fuck you up!" I didn't say anything but I guess my face said it all.

    I have never seen anybody else react this way. Later on in life I find out she can't smoke weed. Instead she smokes meth(go figure). Anybody else seen weird reactions to weed?
  2. She had latent mental disorders that were brought out by weed, i.e. psychosis, schizophrenia, etc.
  3. That is the best explanation I have heard yet. I think that chick definitely has some psych. issues.
  4. meth heads usually do man
  5. Once this girl decided she wouldn't to pass the blunt with me and some other people who toke regularly. I don't normally smoke with new people, because all my friends have been smoking for a while, and normally my friends who don't smoke have either smoked before, or are at the point where they will most likely not smoke in their life. Anyways, I have nothing wrong with somebody smoking if they want to. So, I smoked her up. She took probably 3-6 good hits off the blunt, and on one of them she swallowed it as if it were oxygen, if you are framiliar with this happening, it's quite common... 5 minutes later she burped it up, and she was ripped at this point. She began to worry that there was more smoke stuck inside her, and that it would continue to make her more and more high and eventually od. It took me a while to convince her that she couldn't od, but after being with her all night I'm quite convinced that swallowing smoke makes you trip the fuck out! (kidding).

    Anyways, she started to freak out and began to recite dreams she had when she was younger, and was saying the trippiest things I've heard. She would not stop jabbering about how her dreams were related and that it all added up now that she was high, but she felt like she was always going to be high (a common lsd, and shroom feeling). She then started praying, at the height of her trip, outloud. She was yelling, "GOD! I am sorry I smoked, I will never do anything bad again, I will never drink or anything I know this a sign from you, I'm so sorry!", and she is a Christian or whatever, but I'm not so I'm trippin cuz I got this girl having a religious experience off weed! After a while, we convinced her water would help her so she drank a lot of water, then she began to dance (she is a dancer) and do all these routine dances... about every 5 minutes of dancing she would stop and have these weird outbursts of random jibbering. At one point she snuggled up against me, held onto my shirt very tight and had the shakes, kind of like a fever.

    Afterwards she told us that she felt very weird the whole time, and she felt very emberassed about that, and she thinks that made it worse. She said that when she started shaking, she felt like she had a fever. I haven't seen anything like this happen since, but I'm sure it has something to do with a mental problem hidden in her. She's a very eccentric girl, probably one of the most unique individuals I know... It's too bad it couldn't have left a better impression on her, because weed works wonders for those who can build a relatinship with it.
  6. I think a lot of people barely have self control at all anyway, and when you combine a never before experienced substance that lowers inhibitions with a bunch of stuck up frustrated kids what do you think will happen?

    one time my friend hypnotized a girl while we were on lsd. it was awesome she owed me 20 for the acid and then pow we changed it to 200 she was tripping balls didnt notice in fact she changed it to 200. good thing im nice
  7. Yeh, It was this summer, and a kid who graduated with us came to a little party at my homie Justin's house. We all decided to take a drive to white castle, and blaze.

    We were explaining to him some things he might feel, and it's normal. We then sparked the blunt. We all got out of the car, and began to walk inside.

    Dude behind us gets out of the car all retarded, and is walking like a velociraptor, if it's possible to view it.

    Kind of like that, but with a slower walk, more arched back, and more emphasis on each step, haha. He does that walking towards the door, and we tell him to hurry up.

    Now image this scenario: It's 1:30 in the morning, outside of whitecastle. We walk inside, waiting for him. Everyone in the restaurant looks out the window, and sees a kid with an arched back, running like a fucking raptor- Eyes melted shut, and a huge smile on his face.

    While he's running, he shouts " Hey guys, How do I know when I'm- BOOOM"

    Runs square into the door. Oddest response to weed i've seen. I could only imagine what a passing by cop must have thought seeing that...
  8. This happened when I was in high school...

    This one guy that we smoked with never seemed to inhale so this one half day we made sure he inhaled. Like after ever hit we would be like "hold on, don't let it out yet. Take a deep breath." So, after a few joints we go to Burger King. We have to take two cars because of the number of people. On the way there the same kid is hitting the back of a headrest w/ numchucks like he is playing the drums and is yelling the whole ride there. We all get out of the car and he climbs out of the back seat and crawls to the door. Me and him were the first people to get food and sit down. He looks over at me and he acts like he is whispering but talks in a normal voice and says "Man, I'm am so high... Does it feel like everyone is staring at you also, man?!" and I looked around and everyone was staring now. Crazy times, yo.
  9. I think people sometimes just get higher than they can take, just like drunk people say stpupid things.... "look at this face. you can tell by this face that i have a small vagina. do you have a small vagina?" said by a GUY i kinda know to one of my MALE friends......

    But I've never seen anything THAT bad on weed.... my personal best was my first time i get really blazed. we where toking in the garage, and i tried to go inside the house. it took me 10 minutes to go 20 feet, and i had to crawl up the steps. Then i realized i was standing at my friends counter, cutting on the edge of it with the knife we used to make the bong.

    And I guess i've done stuff lots worse than that, as ive been MUCH higher since, but i dont make a fool out of myself. But i know the feeling people are having when they do that crazy shit, it just doesnt make me do that stuff. you are so high you feel like you are spinning backwards, usually into a couch, your brain connects random noises and things, like one time south park was lipsinking to the music, like to the insturments tho....
  10. one of my buddies over the summer stopped by hung out for a bit i gave him a hit, it was a pretty large hit and after 30 minutes he was tripping hard and freaking out, i guess he never smoked my kinda weed, he goes threw dealers i go threw growers, anyways he finally fell asleep after descrbing everything that happened when he was high that time. most my friends trip hard like that and get sick but i figured out that its low blood sugar makes you sick and trip hard, since smoking lowers blood sugar levels hence you get munchies.
  11. One day me and my friend Josh were chilling after school. We made the usual call to get a sack but our guy was out. So we decided to call our friend Brett, he usually has.
    So he tells us he will bring us a sack and comes over to my house. He gets inside and we pop a bottle of henny and down it between the three of us. He gives us a 40 but ask if we want to smoke it with him. We said yes because he is our really close friend.
    So we go get into bretts van, which is this huge ass van we always smoke and ride around in all nite. Brett's girlriend calls and wants him to pick her up. I was kinda wigged out because she was with some girls I knew from school. On the way we pick up my friend matt. So the two girls and me and matt jump in the backseat, my friend bret and girl in front and josh and brian who was wit them in the middle.
    So we decide to light up a bowl. Everyone in the van starts hitting it, then it comes to one of the chicks who said she smoked before. Well long story short the bitch went mad crazy yo.
    After like 6 hits she was saying her body felt like it was going in two directions, she started to cry and wanted to call her mom. She kept swearing she would never smoke again. I tried to calm her down and kept holding her because she was hot. She started to laugh alot, ate a salad and then threw it up later.
    It shook my nerves a little and fucked with my high.
  12. my 1 friend often gets anxiety attacks when he smokes weed.

  13. That sounds like a bad panic attack to me, something that many first timers can get from smoking too much. Her panic attack clearly started after she swallowed smoke, and it triggered a huge chain reaction of terrifying events for her. She thought the smoke was obviously gonna kill her if she swallowed, which made sense to her when she was really fucking high. She couldn't tell herself that it was just swallowed smoke and that she could not die from smoking that much. Some people act crazy during a panic attack.
  14. One time in high school I was at someone's house smoking a bong with like 5-6 people. Someone passed it to this one kid, he took a huge milky white hit and immediately had what I guess was a seizure. He literally lost all control of his muscles, fell back, and started convulsing. We all freaked the fuck out... someone eventually took him to lay down and he was fine later, but I seriously thought he was dying.

    Another time my freshman year of college, these 4 girls came to my dorm room to smoke. This one girl said she hadn't smoked in a while so she got really high really quick once we started passing a bowl around. I immediately noticed she wasn't making a lot of sense when she talked.... she sounded like she was tripping on acid or something. A few minutes later she started crying uncontrollably and saying she was scared. That was the only thing I could really understand her say because she so hysterical. Eventually one of the other girls talked to her and decided they needed to go back to her dorm. So I had to go down to the front desk and check these 4 girls out of my dorm since they didn't live there... one of them was crying like her parents just died or something and we were all stoned as fuck. Great experience.
  15. Got a few stories. I wasn't out smoking with the lads one night so i missed out on this one but it's become the stuff of local legend.

    We tend to head out in the cars when we smoke and park down a country lane to spark up. There's one certain spot which used to be a favourite but you have to cross a manned railway crossing. Anyway one night the lads head down and the one dude decides he wants to smoke all of his weed before he heads in, so my friend skins him up one J with about an 8th in. They start toking away and as it's kicking in he gets a message from his dad saying he has to be home asap or he's in the shit (the dude is 20, it's weird). He ignores the message and keeps smoking, nearing the end his brother sends him a message say is dad is out looking for him and the dude panics, kills the rest of the spliff and heads off in his car as fast as possible (he has 3 other fellow smokers in the car with him). When he reaches the crossing he's proper tripping about the messages he's had and all of a sudden he had a crazy fit, stalls the car bumping it into the gate, he's eyes are rolled back, his fingers seemed to be trying to grab his wrists and he was real fucking out of it. Anyway after half an hour the people in the car getting control of the situation with the crossing guy wondering what was going on they finally crossed and headed home.
  16. yeah the closest thing to a reaction like that, that I've experienced is when a few of us got blazed at my friend's place.
    My friend Colin made like 6 bags of popcorn, but only let the popcorn pop for like a minute, because someone told him the popcorn would burst into flames if left in the microwave for longer than a minute. There was fucking half popped popcorn bags everywhere, and he'd be like "man I'm not high.. I'm completely sober" and then my friend (who's house we were at) would be screaming "man, don't make anymore fucking popcorn. Honestly, just stop" haha good times.

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