Seems like things are looking up

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by --jamminout--, Nov 29, 2011.

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  2. Far out, man. Sounds really good for you. Glad you are having a good day.

    Smoke out. :)
  3. [quote name='"[[jamminout']]"]well idk if people remember the threat about people accusing me of stealing 30 grams, well they found the jar so I'm off the hook:cool:

    I got a job, did well on my projects for school and I'm bringing my grades up.

    Just rolled up some herb and im gonna relax in celebration!![/quote]

    That's awesome to hear. Keep up the good progress while karma is in your corner!

  4. i truly feel like it is in my corner for once. I feel ready for each challenge the new day brings....

    also been getting more into 2pac now then ever. not just his music which is bumpin but his philosophy his way of thinking his life in general.... its really interesting

    ordered the book A Rose From Concrete, coming tomorrow can't wait!!
  5. Nice bro.I bet they feel alittle dumb.

  6. I fucking wish man, they didn't even apoligize. All i got from them was a yeah we found the jar.

    some people i swear to god...
  7. and normally its one of those situations that i feel i should go and demand an apology and such. But they are having a big party this week sooo i think Im just gonna get super trashed and find a nice secluded back room closet to puke in ;) ;)
  8. paybacks a bitch niqqa believe me
  9. Now thats my man talkin'!:)
  10. Wow, happy for you man. Never read your previous thread but I was in a deep hole the past year and a half as well. Just recently got a sick new web development job and enrolled back in school. It feels great.

    Hope everything continues to go well for you. Smoke Up :smoke:

  11. how stoned of me. i forgot to put a link to the original thread, update if u care to look!


  12. thanks brotha!!

    sending some good vibes to the west coast!!
  13. West Sooooyyyyydddddd!

  14. aha ha respect man i appreciate the love

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