Seems Like The World Is Gonna End Soon

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  1. Anyone get the feeling.  I just don't think it's possible for us to go on much longer.  Seems like the world must end soon.  Maybe not 2012 but that was the beginning of the end.  Too many i-phones and stuff it just seems like everything is coming to an end.  Anybody else?

  2. I've had that feeling for 15 years now. 
  3. Maybe not the world itself but the world as we know it. 
  4. Out with the old, in with the new. The planet does that kind of thing sometimes.

    All the more reason to enjoy the day while we have it.
  5. Yeah I've had that feeling of imminent and impending doom for some time now. 
    Guess we're doing pretty good, compared to my expectations. Only a matter of time now, I guess.
    So enjoy it. :smoke: Peace
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    Like in a reasoned, speculative sense or an "OMG I'M GOING TO DIE SOON" panicky sense? If it's the latter and it's interfering with your life, you should probably consult a licensed therapist.
  8. No because I have no fear of death so it's not that bad.  Just seems like everything can't go on much longer.
  9. Im pretty sure people have thought the world was about to end for the last few thousand years. 
  10. It's not ending. It just started. I have inside knowledge :)
  11. I give the world maybe another 80 years haha. We are fucking it up at a high rate.
    The world will not end, but humanity will. 
    You ever played the game biohazard? If you haven't, look it up, it's an online flash game type thing, where you spread disease across the world until you kill all of humanity.
    This is how I believe humanity will eventually end, Our population is increasing fast, more and more people means more and more disease spread. Not to mention all the new diseases their finding out, from things like not properly cooked chicken and spinach lol. Too many things are starting to kill people, the further we move into our future, the more diseases we will discover.
    Eventually everyone will get sick with various diseases, and we will all die, either paving the way for a new species, or leaving the planet for the animals to rule. 
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    Self Full Filled Prophecy Is Never The Answer
    With all the technology and knowledge, you think humans would get there heads out of there asses
  14. The world came to an end for me on March 17th, 1990.
  15. yup, it's sad. if we all just got along and respected the planet as well we'd be able to excel so much
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    Nah. Maybe disease and pestilence would have wiped out the population a few hundred years ago but I don't see anything like that happening now or in the future. 
    Well, not only disease, but the air that surrounds us. This air all circulates through this one planet that we live in. Air filled with chemicals, just recycling again, and again.
    Not to mention, aids for example. What if we run into a few diseases that are as life threatening as aids, and cannot find a cure? There's always a possibility. We won't be here forever, if disease does not kill us, technology will.
  18. the end is the beginning.
     regardless, earth will live on, with or without us.
    IMO, we're a dead-end species, destined to die out.
    The Center for Disease Control has shit that if it got out, we would all go down. No antidote. The nastiest shit biological life could surmise. We just gotta break in there and release the beast. I'm starting to think no one is going to do it. I'll have to take it upon myself to end the world. I live not too far from it. :cool:

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