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  1. ok guys/gals stoning out my room orderd 3 blacklight posters got a blacklight and i blocked out the sun from my room (stuck cardbord and trashbags on my windows)

    any ways need some more ideas

    i have got a blue party lightbulb in my ceiling right now need another color any ideas?:confused:

    also any other suggestions out be gr8ly accepted thanks all :smoke:
  2. Beanbag chairs are a must, and a steller sound system.
  3. thanks for the ideas man =] gonna see if i cant buy a seround sound set :smoke:
  4. Sounds cool man. Random ass trippy trinkets and shit would be good too.
  5. Lava Lamps are Old school, but freakin' cool to zone on When Blazed:smoke::D
  6. yea i hope it turns out as good as i plan =] it will be my new smokin spot for sure if it does thanks for the trinkets idea to man =] thinkin of goin with some skulls an some alien shit =]
    thanks for the idea man usta own one sadly it busted =[ never gota see it zoned but i will def hafta get another mabey a few plasma balls to:smoke:
  7. Glow in the dark stars on the ceiling. trust me its buzzy as.
  8. lava lamp.
    cool carpet.
    cool hand game (cube thingy)
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    highlighter ink glows under blacklights. i say buy a pack of different colored highlighters, break them open, squeeze the ink into bottles filled with water, and wala: you have a set different colored trippy ass glowing decorations. maybe add some food dye to get different colors, like i've never seen a red highlighter but they make pink and orange, adding red dye to those will work.

    also, from what i understand, any art that you make using highlighters will glow as well, so you can essentially make your own blacklight posters if you want (i've only ever done the bottle thing).

    and if you buy a bunch of blank CDs, i think it's like 5 bucks for a hundred or something (it's been a while since i've bought them but even back then they were stupid cheap) you can mount them on your ceiling/walls with the reflective sides facing out. it'd look sick when the blacklight was on and the room was glowing in neon colors. personal recommendation is to make some organic flowing lines all over your walls out of overlapping CDs, but it's up to you.

    Edit - oh and if you want more colored lights i think yellow and green look sickest with blue lights. maybe you could string up some christmas lights and replace the bulbs so they were alternating in just those 3 colors? don't know where you'd find christmas lights this time of year lol but it's a thought
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    good idea i will have to do this cd thing =]
    done this to b4 got trip out written all over my walll =]
    done this before it is baddass my quesstion is tho if i mix a yellow an pink highlighter will it mix or will it sorta do a lava lamp like affect?
    gota bunch out in the grauge thinkin of writin 420 in green christmass lights on my ceiling =] thanks for all the good ideas man :smoke:
  11. hmm never thot of a rubix cube good idea man =]
  12. deff have to do this =] thanks man
  13. If you have the windows covered and if you have a nice view you could use a pinhole effect and just cover it up when you don't want it.

    Like this: [ame=]YouTube - The Room and the Pinhole - O Quarto e a Pinhole[/ame]
  14. christmas lights around the top trimming of your walls
    low wattage warm lights
    couch with coffee table in front
    surround sound
  15. thanks for the ideas guys =] (love the fountian idea) and christmas lights idea sadly dont got enough room for the couch an table but that would be awesome as hell :smoke:
  16. some cool ideas in there.

    when i was in HS, i hung all my icp shirts on my walls. i hung them on hangers so i could still wear them. it made it soo much easier to pick out a shirt to wear that day.

    i also did the whole blocking out the window thing and putting glow in the dark stuff everywhere. but after a while i didn't like it, the room started to smell musty and attract spiders and stuff. And the glow in the dark stuff started to annoy me when i was trying to sleep. its really not as cool as it sounds.

    anyways. take a pic of your room when your done. i wanna see what all you come up with.

  17. can do man =] i hada take down one of my window blockers to made my room hot as hell probly got like 95 dagrees farenhight in there one night

    will take a pick =] once i get the black light posters an a few other things =]
  18. didnt end up getting the posters got lost in the fucking mail......but i did get 2 red florecent lightbulbs and one blue one got a hatchet man bandana hanging on the wall a slipknot poster, a massage chair, queen sized bed, 32 inch flatscreen plasma, blacklight, red christmass lights on my ceiling,an xbox360,and of course my monster energy can collection (glows in blacklight MW2 assualt monster) and o yea my dean bass guitar:smoke:

    its perty tight!
  19. Pictures!!!!!!!!! Now!!!!!! you can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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