Seems like a good idea.. Pollen for sale anyone??

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by Mister Postman, Jun 17, 2006.

  1. Maybe I'm just really stoned, and thinking of crazy shit:smoking: , but wouldn't it be sweet if they had like a pollen bank? I mean a bunch of pollen collected, stored, and for sale.. I mean you want a cross something new into your strain you just order up some pollen, and fertilize a branch or two etc... I guess I'm kinda hurting from chopping my males down today LOL.. Thinking of all the nice crosses I could have made if I had a place to grow for pollen safely

    Anyone have tips on collecting pollen safely in the same home as the females? I hear the pollen can really fly, and shouldn't be done around the females at all..
  2. does pollen have a half-life?
  3. I wouldn't think it has a half life....I mean look at how much pollen collects on your car and how long it stays there.
  4. That doesnt mean its still fertile, its from a plant, its living cells so I'd imagine it becomes sterile after a while. I've never grown before, what happens if the females get pollinated?
  5. well if the female is pollenated then she produces seeds with both characteristics of mother and father. If you were able to purchase pollen you could just make your own crosses and breed etc. producing the different crosses you may want to try easier
  6. Yea you got a point....sry I'm just a lil baked
  7. i find one major flaw to this idea... if your going to take the time and effort to grow a mj plant why not a grow female plants with nugs which will always be worth more then pollen..
  8. im pretty sure u can smoke pollen?? let me know if im wrong?
  9. im sure you can smoke it, but you wont get high, its marijuana sperm, i dont think there it much THC in that.

  10. you select a female and a male that show characteristics that you would want in your plants. like the female produces huge buds bud is short, and the male grew extremely could sex the female and hopefully get a more rewarding strain.

    it's called breeding, and if everyone stuck to what you just said we wouldn't be smokin the dank we are right now.
  11. I never have seen a mj plant in person, just started growing today actually :) so Idk if this would work, but you could try and put plastic bags around the branches with pollen and tape it sealed at the end?

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