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Seemingly stupid question...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Umbrä, May 28, 2010.

  1. ...But damn it, it's never easy. Am I the only one who has trouble passing the joint or blunt once it's burnt rather small, and you're already high? Half the time I pass it I never know where to hold it, what direction to hold it, and somebody always freaks out about burning themselves. I can't believe I'm posting this but, how do you pass a joint? :rolleyes:
  2. well first of all, do these joint you speak of have filters?
  3. I have the same problem sometimes man. Damn you fat kid fingers! :mad:
  4. try to put it on the end of your index finger when you're passing it
  5. I also forgot to add that it helps to pass with the mouthpiece facing them
  6. My hands shake like crazy when I'm high and try to pass it. My friend grabbed the lit end one time and burnt his fingers haha he was baked :smoking:
  7. I generally just stick to spoons.

    Actually... I've never smoked a joint... huh... maybe I'll go roll one.
  8. find a corner of it and pinch it with your index and thumb
  9. When it's a roach ,use the roach clip[​IMG]

  10. its always a J day, you tend to taste the weed more when you roll it
  11. Yes, I do usually roll with filters.
    My damn shaking hands always make it more difficult.

    By the way, nice sig, Tvayumat.
  12. yea after hitting it, take it with your index finger and your thumb and flip it while handing it to them so that your not handing them they cherry and their getting the mouthpiece instead. also (good question asked earlier) does it have a roach/crutch/filter? if its getting super tiny its prolly a good time to use a roachclip or if you dont have one make one! anything from a bobbypin to a matchbook can make a decent roachclip. otherwise if its too small to hold either put the end of the blunt/joint into a bowl of some sort or if there is no bowl present, pinch the edge of it with your fingernails and hand it off. your friends cant bitch if their the ones too high to hold it :) haha

  13. That's a pretty nice sig you've got there too. Great minds and all that.
  14. oh man.. haha half the things i said got posted while i was still typing :/ oh well hope it helps anyway haha
  15. It's alright dude, some of us aren't meant to be true stoners.
  16. That truly hurt, bro.
    Bye, GrassCity...

  17. That WAS pretty harsh.

    He doesn't speak for all of us.
  18. Lol...

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