Seem to care a bit less about whether I live or die in the USA

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    I've noticed that whenever I'm in the USA I'm more reckless and I seem to value my life less and do more dangerous stuff.

    Now maybe its because of how America is.. Maybe its because we use cars a hell of a lot more than in Europe. I can't tell you how many times I've had a "holy shit moment" in america in a car, and how much reckless shit me and my friends have done with cars in America where afterwards I just think, wow...what the fuck was I thinking. I mean, I've been in 6 car accidents in my life with various people and I'm 19.

    Anyone else that lived in another country as an American notice this? I mean it could just be something about me individually, but I'd like to know whether its that or what I said above ;).

    EDIT: When I'm in The Netherlands I tend to smoke more weed I geuss, so that could also be another reason..

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