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  1. Hey GrassCity!

    First time poster but long time lurker. First off just wanted to say thanks for all the help as I recently started my first grow. Im at day 5 and 2 of the 3 seeds I planted have popped up above the soil. I think I may have killed the third one by being too eager and overwatering (rookie mistake). One of the seedlings looks great, just like all the pics with the first two tiny leaves (cotyledons?) unfurled perfectly and no sign of the seed. The second one still has a little seed remaining and the first leaves have yet to unfurl ... i'm really tempted to try and take the seed off myself but i'm not even going to touch it.

    One thing I am concerned about though is that the second seedling popped up about an inch away from the edge of the jiffy pot I am using. I wanted to ask the experts if you think this will be a problem down the road come time to transplant into a larger pot? Should I just let it grow normally and move it into a larger pot at the same time as the other or perhaps plan to move the little guy sooner?

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  2. There's nothing wrong with removing a seed casing but you have to be very careful. That being said your seedling doesn't even need to use its leaves right now so give it a few more days and see if it pops and drops on its own. It may put it behind your other plant a bit but that's not a big deal.
    As far as your lopsided start don't worry about it. The Roots will go where they need to go. No need for moving or early transplanting. And yes, the little round leaves are cotyledons. :)

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  3. Thanks mook! Happy to report that I just checked the seedlings and the seed was gone and the first leaves look great!


    Look forward to checking back in on the progress.
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