Seeking, The Greatest High

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  1. Have you, with or without friends, ever gone on a pursuit for the "Greatest High"?
    If you have, please tell your story, I am interested.
    And I do not exclusively mean the highest, I mean the high you have reach, that surpasses all others, in all ways.

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    I have been after this for a while man and I am still trying to get there. Sometimes I come close but I have a huge tolerance so it is tough. Last night I went for it by smoking all the kief from my pollen collecter in my grinder. I got baked but it wasn't the perfect high. Sometimes I may smoke a fat doobie to the face or even a blunt and I will get close to that perfect high. Sometimes I climb up to the highest mountain peaks possible in the Appalachains (usually anything above 6,200 ft) and then smoke till I am baked. But as for the perfect high I know it exists, I just need taller mountains, like 20,000ft and up and I need a lot of weed at my disposal. For me, being high involves weed and elevation. I like to literally be as high as I feel.
    this is perfect haha i didnt know you were seriously talking about mountains at first  :laughing:
    Im constantly chasing the perfect high. I feel like after i get decently stoned its hard to notice how much higher im getting. So I really have to be smoking heavy to get that baked.  :bongin:
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    The best way to do it is to not eat all day and not smoke all day. Then when you get home from work or whatever, you need to take 3 gravities/water bongs/floods/whatever you call them back to back to back as fast as possible.
    Next step is to eat the greasiest meal you enjoy. You will get beyond baked from the lack of food in your body and then when you eat you will get a high from the fat in the food. Afterwards you will likely sleep for a long time.
    The other option is to barely eat, donate blood and then do this. Last time I did that, I only stayed awake for about 90 minutes then I fell asleep for 10 hours on a Saturday.
  5. I've had some pretty dope highs in my day. But they always happen without expectation.
    You can't predict perfection, mang. Just soak it in and ride it out when it comes. :smoke:
  6. i've tried to reach the ultimate stoney stage but I was unsuccessful. it was right after the final exams at school and I wanted to celebrate. I smoked three bowls by myself. would have done more but I used the rest of my weed to make some fire crackers in the oven. the fire crackers, however, were a bust and I didn't get high off of them.

    I was pretty blazed but far from being as high as I used to get when my tolerance was very low.I'm going to try again tomorrow since I'm off work and I just got paid. plus I just found out my neighbor smokes because his black ops 2 emblem reads 'high as fuck' haha he's a high school kid, so ima get him high as fuck for real
  7. you have to lower your tolerance and not smoke for a while, then try taking the kief to the face. I noticed that my highest of highs was when I first started smoking.

    my brother had to stop smoking for a while in order to get this corporate job. he was sober for like four months and the funny thing is that he didn't even get tested for the job. anyway, after he got the job he went to smoke and passed 8 blunts amongst 6 people and he said he was higher than he had ever been. mind you, he lived in Spain for a bit and traveled to Amsterdam frequently. he's had his fair share of the white widows and ak47s and shit. he also said that he was still blazed at work the next morning haha. maybe he had reached the 20, 000ft peak?
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    With my experience my best highs are not planned they just happen, but dabbing does help out!  :metal:
  9. My most intense highs have been blazing whilst on other unmentionables, shit often gets too crazy though reality starts tearing apart and it can often be quite unpleasant, but depending on the nature of what's happening it can be euphoric on the other end of the scale.
  10. Last year, first semester. I had 6 classes that semester and it was the end of the semester... I had taken the finals I went up to the Arboretum on campus. I sat there and proceeded to smoke for about 3-4 hours. People kept trying to talk to me, but I was just too high. It got to the point where people would look at me and be like "damn dude you're high as fuck huh". And my answer to everyone was "What?" or "Huh?" . I was just too damn high. But it was chill. All of friends were around, I was out in nature and it wasn't too hot or too cold. It was perfect.
    Its not the highest I've been though. That whole day was just perfect.
  11. I have thought about taking a t-break but last time I did that I became rather evil and could't concentrate on shit haha. My gf at the time (who wanted me to quit in the first place) actually made me start smoking again b/c I turned into something weird; actualy it was more like I stopped and then turned into a lazy, unproductive stoner, except I was sober. But when I started smoking again I did get insanely stoned for a while. Once summer is over and I go back to college I will slow back down a bit, but even then I am still a heavy smoker.
    As for the 20,000 ft peak I meant that literally haha. I climb mountains and then get high on the peaks as a hobby. The way I see it is if I can get up to a 20,000 ft + mountain, and smoke on the peak then I will elevate myself to over 30,000. I also want to find a way to smoke in the death zone (26,000 and up) but idk if there is enough air pressure to light a fire and to support my lungs when I am coughing from a hit.

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