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Seeking New High Activities...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by smokinchick83, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. I already know what I do when I'm high, but I can always mooch off of other people for new ideas, so what do y'all do when you're nice and baked?:smoke:
  2. Laughing at tourists while i'm tokin' up in the coffeeshop :D
    There's always making fun of euro's.. some guy even told me and my homeboy that euro's look like monopolymoney..

    there's always something going on at the 'shop. :smoke:
  3. one thing i love, especially when it is warm outside,clear, and at night is to go on walks
  4. The most fun I've had high is just chilling out, and watching a film. I just downloaded Half-baked and pineapple express :smoke: gonna be a good night, I think.
  5. Ya. We watch documentaries when we're high. But I mean we watch documentaries on any random thing we come up can come up with...Allister Crowly, physics, math, cults, history of week and why its illegal...there's tons and it's pretty fun. Playing the wii is pretty fun too.
  6. I'm downloading planet earth atm, that will be awesome for blazing to. I can't wait :hello:
  7. i have planet earth--that shit is tight as fuck'll have a good time
  8. Read a book, take a walk, venture into the woods, ride a bike, meditate, cook a long supper, take some pictures, paint/draw, sculpt. Those are some things I find really interesting if I feel bored and stoned.
  9. Frisbee Golf, Rock Climbing, Driving around, or just chillin on campus and playing WoW is all what we do when we get high
  10. Dancing? Playing Guitar. Soccer. Enjoying the warm weather. Enjoying the cold weather. Enjoying Life. Enjoying.
  11. Only thing I can add that nobody else has already added is recreational shooting. If you have a good shooting range and you like long range target shooting, MJ will help you get tighter groups with practice. I was high the first time I shot a three shot, sub-quarter MOA group (that means three shots that hit within less than a quarter of an inch of one another at 100 Meters). I also do some 10 Meter Airgun shooting, and I can put pellets through the same hole over and over again. When I'm sober I shake too much and my mind strays off to other topics.

  12. swimming esp. lakes, rivers, the sea as opposed to a swimming pool, the colder the better just have a fire going for when you get out.
    go to the forest with an axe, a saw and some rope and build a shelter. a good one with a fire inside.
  13. I would definitely say go outside. If it's warm out theres nothing I love more than smoking

    and then riding my bike on some nature trails. But since its cold out right now (in IL

    atleast) I would say get some friends and build a big igloo. Then you can all smoke in it

    when its finished!
  14. Golf, Frisbee golf, getting some guys together and jamming (I'm a drummer), driving around, writing.... you know, those things.
  15. another good one is find a wild animal and tame it, people don't realize this but nearly all wild birds can be completely tamed to the point that they will come to you when you call and sit on your hand / shoulder given enough time and effort, this also applies to a lot of other animals. if you try this just don't give up, it can take a looooooooooong time but believe me it's worth it.
  16. The most pleasurable high was when it was about mid summer time around 8:30 AM, me and my wife went on a nature walk. So, we got up early, took a shower, and had a nice toke. As a result, it was the most amazing time ever! Weather was clear and the temperature was like 65-70 F outside. It's really nice. Afterwards we went to go eat at a diner because we had the munchies >.< Also, a lot of people where like why are these two walking alone in regular clothes? (Other people would all be wearing exercise clothes to go jogging or taking the dog for a walk hehe)
  17. whatever strikes me at the time. i always enjoy smoking with 3-4 other people then playing a game. Always lotsa laughs and cheery times. beer pong after smoking was a good one too.
  18. I like playing cards.

  19. Uhh... That's Google Earth. Planet Earth is a documentary series that BBC did where they travelled across the world and filmed wildlife and the environment. It's absolutely mind blowing when you're baked. I have it on HD-DVD and it's definitely a good idea to watch after smoking.

    Playing certain video games is also great. Left 4 Dead is awesome.

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