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  1. I have made a big mistake. I recently was arrested in the nude tripping my balls off. I ingested about two 8ths of mushrooms that were very potent. My friends and I decided to got to our local park and trip for the day. My trip went bad and I started having halucitations of my friends having siezers and foaming at the mouth. Then i had an out of body experience of the same thing happening to myself. I then decided that i had died. All I could do was stare up in the sky and all I could see was about 3 vultures circleing me. I thought for sure i had died. The next thing i know I wake up in the middle of the forest all alone. I thought so this is what happens after you die. I believed i had started a new life at the begining of time and i was the only person alive. I wondered for about an hour climbing trees and such. I then went through human history like i had lived and evolved through it all. Eventually i was runnning and landed in the water getting soaked. So i got out and tried walking but my clothes were very heavy so I took them off. What do I care, im the only person in the whole world. Well turns out I wasn't and finaly ended up emerging from the forest into someones yard. The next thing i know im being threatened with a tazer and being handcuffed. The cops started interigating me and asking what I took and where i got it and how i did it. I told them i took acid and mushrooms and i shot the acid into my viens and snorted the mushrooms. I told them jimi henrix and jerry garcia gave them to me. Well they took me to the hospital and i left after i sobered up. Its been a day now and I havent heard of any charges or even spoken to the police. First what could i get charged with, can i get possesion if i had nothing on me. And is my confesions about acid and mushrooms credable, because i was so out of it. I didn't even take acid. Thanks for any help you can provide.
  2. thats a pretty funny story, although i do doubt the truthfullness of it. not that it really matters ya know...but if you havent been already behind bars you should be okay.
  3. Haha as an experienced shroomer.. I defintely believe this story. What happened to your friend? Don't trip with a sitter. Funny shit mayne!

  4. i really wouldnt worry, the worst theyd be able to do is charge with indecent exposure and/or trespassing. Like an above post said, if your not behind bars now you dont have a lot to worry about. its not a crime to be high fortunatly haha
  5. Yeah.. I had a friend who ate quite a bit of shroom and then ran off into the woods for 3 days. Shit happens man :)
  6. haha this is a funny story, is there neway that they gave u a ticket n u didnt remember or something? lol did u get ur cloths back?
  7. Did they take blood at the hospital? If they did not they only have the word of a very intoxicated man. I have had similiar issues in the past. If you were going to have a problem they would have had you under guard and once the hospital gave the thumbs up they would hall you off. Were you caught with ANY drugs on your person ? If not then possesion would be very hard for them to prove. If blood was given then many times the sample is tested and consumed. Your lawyer would just have to request an independant test and when they say that sample was consumed during intial testing. They would have to and would drop it. If you were caught with drugs in your possesion then you can expect a court date in the mail. Otherwise my friend......I think the worst your looking at is public intoxification. Any other charges they left too many holes. Plus you can always say that what you said during the arrest was while you were very messed up.....the last thing you remember you met some people and you were drinking with them and you remember that the drink tasted funny. Then you woke up in the hosp. You dont remember saying anything and anything you said you had no idea what you were talking about. I think a slight misdemeaner of the Public Intox is all you have to worry about
  8. It definetly sounds like a night that will go down in history. Shooms have this tendency. Especially the good ones. From my standpoint if you were in trouble of any serious nature ,you would know it right the way did you sign out of the hosp or leave AMA. A misdimeaner ticket could be attached to your file but very unlikely. Last did you check your pockets ?
  9. I just went back to the park today and found my clothes. I retraced my steps and alot of the trip came back to me. I remember eating some sticks amd I found a hole I dug, to live in of course. That explaines why my hands and fingernails were loaded with dirt. Anyway, I found my ipod, jacket, hackysack, wallet and shoes but i failed at finding my hat and cellphone or socks. But I didn't get any ticket or anything after my parents picked me up from the hospital. They gave me blood tests and urine test and all that came up was marijuana, but they can't test for shrooms. When they called my parents they said they were going to search my house for drug paraphanalia but im guessing they couldn't get in because it was locked when I got home. Just to be on the side I took all my smoking acessories and buried them in my back yard till im sure their not gunna show up with a search warrent. This is definantly the most insane thing thats ever happened to me. Even though it was a fucking scarey trip, it had its fun parts and it gave me alot to think about.
  10. yeah man, shrooms will change your life. i hope everything works out for you
  11. LOL that is the funniest trip story I've ever heard!! :hello:

    Makes me want to try shrooms haha
  12. lol nice dude. im never had anything that crazy, iv only done shrooms and cid twice a piece, but never anything kinda got me :)

    be safe man

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