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    I know basically nothing about anything to do with marijuana. I don't know what a diffuser does, or a dab, I can't even roll a blunt. What are some important things I should know? Is there a site that has it all?

    Edit: I guess I know a bit more than that, I've smoked from pipes bubblers and bongs but other than grind it and smoke it I don't know much else
  2. I've been smoking pot for 50 years and I don't know what a diffuser is. You should start by getting some pot, a pipe, and a lighter. After that you'll figure out the rest of it. Just start small, a tiny amount in a bowl is all you will need. Repeat in 15 minutes if no effect.

    You must be talking about a diffuser in a bong. Don't worry, it's not important.
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  3. Are you old enough to be on this site?
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  4. I'm 21 my life was just a bit more sheltered than most
    Dob 09/20/1997 bro
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  5. You can google or youtube how to roll

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