Seeking info on Reverse Osmosis Systems

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by coopdevillan, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. Hello all. I am seeking out info on RO systems. I have a very PPM on tap and have dealt with it for a long time. I am thinking of getting a RO system after this harvest and see if it does not make life a lil easier.

    I have a 55 gal flower res and a 25 gal veg res. They drink about 5 Gal every three days. How do I go about finding some DECENT systems ? I dont really want to spend a TON buuuut I dont wanna buy a pos either. Also how does one pick the proper GPD for this ? Thanks

  2. I'm also seriously looking at RO for the first time. As much as I don't want to drop $150/plus for a 50 gal/day unit, I figure it should last a long time at my ~50 gal month usage.
  3. You should look on Ebay for an RO system. You can get a great system for 125-130 bucks with free shipping. I've seen 80-125 GPD 5 stage systems with storage tanks, although you don't really need the tank (they're small anyway).
  4. u can get em at lowes. they waste a ton fo water though, and u have to drain out the excess. they generally waste 75% or so of the original water. ull get one gallon of purified water for ever four gallons of tap water used. to me, they are a pain in the ass to deal with and not all that important. i stuck in a "whole house" filter at a cost of 50 bucks years ago and it lowered my ppm from 330 to 80. its just an in-line filter that i stuck in the basement where the water comes in the house. i change it when my ppm starts getting out of control. my ppm was sitting at 151 3 days ago when i changed my res and the filter is 4 months old.

    if u feel like u just have to have a ro system, then get the whirlpool one at lowes for 160 or 180 bucks. and at least ull know what ur getting even though its probably the same system u get on ebay. not to mention ull be paying in untraceable cash :)
  5. Thank ou for the reply Needa. Yeah my PPM is 900 + so I really do need one. I hit high numbers that are causing my vegging clones to grow abnormal I think.
  6. I got mine from ebay, cheap chinese version. 6 stage 100gpd for like $110.

    While the individual parts function well, it leaked like crazy out of the box. I had to disconnect every fitting, wrap with teflon tape and re-assemble.

    If you are not comfortable re-building one, you'll need to spend some $.

    Just like most everything, you get what you pay for!
  7. I use one that I bought of ebay a few yrs ago for around $130 or some replacment filters so you have them. It never hurts to check anything that will have water flowing thru it for leaks before leaving unattended.

  8. I just bought the whirlpool R/O system from lowes today. I bought it at 3:30 pm and had 50 ppm water down from 630 ppm by 4:30 easy hook up no leaks and $147.99 + tax.

    IMO Worth every penny.

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