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  1. hello my name is patch im here becouse this is one of my husbands sights & now im a member we have been seperated for over 5 weeks iv cought him having afairs on the pc & surfing porno sights this is a big no no in my home he did it any way anyone else have a spouse that has left for an internett lover this has wounded my soul & my marrige ? im not sure if i can forgive him & i dont think he wants to come back anyway he is 43 and looking for that euforic feeling of lust *& sex weve been maried for 16 years and that dosent exist anymore !!! i guess here is a place im looking for help & spying on his afairs to take to counseling someone please help me sighned dazed and confused good spirits to all!!!
  2. Sorry, but I also have no "dirt" to share with you. I too have only seen the "family oriented" version of smokinokie. I am very sad whenever I hear of a family breaking up, and wish I could help.
    I do know that it is possible to keep that euphoric feeling of "lust and sex" long beyond 16 yrs, but it takes true effort, and honesty to achieve it.
    I hope that with time and counseling your wounded soul will heal, and you will find the peace all deserve.
  3. Smokie was a dear friend to us all. I never seen any type of infidelity from him. He always had kind words and funny stories. He is missed by the friends he made here.

    He always liked talking about his girls too. They seem to be the joy of his life.
  4. heya patchoulie420 hope you're doin OK for now.
    I am not sure if you are, but if you are smokinokie's wife, here is one girl who truly thought he was an awesome husband/father to his kids ~ he talked about his family all the time here with nothing but fond,loving words and i can't imagine any of our very own grasscity members going beyond that to have an internet fling with him! we all support each other here, but more in a friendly manner...

    what has happened sounds pretty hard to deal with, i can't imagine going through what you are going through, especially after such a long marriage.

    one time i caught my bf with some incriminating evidence of... cheating? or? i am still to this day not sure, because i fessed up and he changed all his passwords. it's a sickening feeling in my gut when i think about it, but we're still together because i love him too much.. but wonder about it. PM me if you want to talk (that's the private message ability).

    I can't say he'll come back, I can't say he'll leave you for sure, or which way you'll be better off for that matter. The facts remain that people change, and unfortunately those they love get hurt most in this process of changing.
    I truly hope you find your answers, and I hope they come from your husband himself. Have you tried being blunt with him, and confronting him? That may be the best way to go.

    Nevertheless, like cowboysaxman said it's always sad to see a family split apart. I was so surprised @ this one, and I truly hope the best for BOTH of you in this situation. My love and thoughts go out to you! Wish I could give you some bit of wisdom here, but I just don't have any @ this moment.
    Instead you have my prayers & best wishes...
    Other than that, I hope you find this forum a pleasant place! xo~

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