Seeking Friend For End Of World Scenario

Discussion in 'General' started by Hiiiibbbb, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. What would you do with 21 days?

    I know this gets asked a lot but its still curious to think about how you would change your day to day.

    I'd be rapping in the streets till lock jaw naked on Viagra fucking every 5+ in sight willing eating cheesecake with a satchel full of blunts strapped to my chest.
  2. No idea, but I too would have cheesecake and blunts. :D
  3. Spend it fucked up with friends & Family... 
  4. Probably get to the most scenic location i could possibly think of with my girl with a cooler full of beer and food and just camp out in paradise smoking the best fucking herb i could get my hands on through a Rasta Fairmaster with the matching Rasta Precooler (just for the hell of it we don't need money anyway right?)  Waiting 21 days on a *what i am guessing would be a meteor* to smash into the ozone layer. Hopefully with amazing effect and staggering force with the greatest magnitude man has ever see, but first smashing into the sun setting off a huge explosion with the most brilliant colors ever!
    And as i watch this motherfucker coming at me at 69,420*wink see what i did there?* miles per hour, i obviously try to get my girl down and bust my nut before it gets here!
  5. Spend it with my family. No romantic love nor time to build one? I'll make some short-lived memories with my family.. haven't seen them enough since I moved out anyway. Then I'd go out mid-skydive. Really going out with a bang :D
  6. sweeping my sexy history teacher off her feet where we would go to a quiet location and make love like rabbits.
  7. Not go around raping people.
  8. I said willing
  9. Sorry, your lack of punctuation confused me a bit. 
    In that case, carry on. 
  10. I'd buy all the drugs i possibly could and do every combo you can think of. I mean wtf why not right? I like the idea of taking everyone i'm close with and going camping on a beautiful lake with as much beer andl liqour and weed we could fit in our cars :laughing:

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