Seeking Dutch Passion Autofem BlackBerry Kush - NA/USA

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by pinksocks, Jul 25, 2019.

  1. As title says. Having a hard time finding somewhere to get seeds like this without going through some weird bitcoin stuff. I am not at all versed with the crypto world and would prefer a more "normal" transaction process if possible. Could anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks! :)
  2. Have u tried seedsman,,the vault,,attitude?

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  3. Stumbled to Hipersemillas, and it seems that it will be the place for me. Anyone with experience there that could chime in? Seems legit.
  4. I just seen someone else other day talking bout that place nothing bad was talked about

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  5. What country are you in?
  6. USA
  7. My opinion is that there isn't a suitable US seed bank that has a good selection of 1-3 seed packs of name brand autos.
    Mephisto is an excellent source, but has only its own seeds.
    GYO is US based, but I don't trust them.

    I've stopped worrying about customs, and now order european seeds thru Alibongo with no-stealth free shipping.
    Out of curiosity I placed a fake order for a 3-pack of DP AutoBlackberryKush from Seedsman and Alibongo.
    I left amounts in GBPounds, and included shipping without stealth or insurance.
    The Seedsman order came to L 33.09, and the Alibongo order came to L 28.75
    Ordering 2 packs from Alibongo got free shipping instead o L 5.00 shipping.
    I'm not sure what their cutoff purchase amount is for free shipping.
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  8. oh, totally with you there. not looking for US sourcing as much as i am somewhere to order that particular genetic, ship TO here in USA, and not have to go through some weird shit with cryptocurrency or sending cash or any of that nonsense. :)

    EDIT ty for the alibongo recommendation.
  9. I've placed 3 different orders with them recently to middle US, and all arrived in about 10 days without customs problems.
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