seeking advices on boron deficiency

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  1. Been watching signs for about a week but It really looks like boron def.
    WIN_20190606_15_34_35_Pro.jpg WIN_20190606_15_34_48_Pro.jpg WIN_20190606_15_38_08_Pro.jpg
    As you see I'm about 2-3 weeks from harvest should I treat and how?
    Using cana coco and don't have any other def. or issues.
    Thank you !
  2. Sorry for hps pictures but leaves are yellowing from tip and are dry to crumble. Tips are clawing up.
  3. Need more boron in that tent to stop a nuclear meltdown or something? Lol jk
  4. did my homework here is where I get stuck..
    I could threat it with Borax laundry boost as it contains boron. A tsp of borax = 3mg boron.
    I can't find recommend dose but it says below ½ tsp per gal. otherwise it is toxic.
    Should I go with a quarter that is roughly 1.5 mg of boron in one gal.?
    Seems like pretty low. (This is a coco grow)
    Or should I just pump up nutes? I'm at 1/3 strength of fed chart.
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    Just added ½tsp borax to my gal of nutrient solution. Hope it will help. Not even 100% sure about diagnostic.

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