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Discussion in 'General' started by Psmurf33, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. So im kinda in a predicament. I have a choice of either smoking a bowl in my bubbler just layin in my bed n playin minecraft on my xbox so like a hit every 2-3 mins or going into this cabenet i have that only fits one person an is airtight and fishbowling the shit outta that. So ill take the first like 5 response and base my action on that. If i even get 5 responses lol. So in the meentime ill be packing my bubbler.
  2. xbox man, in teh cabinet itll be dark and hot with no entertainment.
  3. I'd just relax with the bubbler in bed, sounds like an awesome way to end the night.:smoke:
  4. Wish I could just smoke freely like that haha. So I'm with these guys
  5. Xbox and bud is the way to go
  6. Aight sounds good. My cabinet is kinda if im hyper and will be able to stay awake kinda. But i actually just got my youtube and xbox synced so i might watch some tokin daily on my tv for awhile lol good way to chill
  7. cabinet

  8. Hell yeah!
  9. Hahah the best feeling on earth is being able to have an entire smoke sesh without leaving your bed to get anything. Got everything ready bowl back and my lighter annnnnd no fuckin water hahaha had to fill up my water jug i keep near my bed lol

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