seeing things, delirium from smoking kief

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  1. i bought some bud a while back from a friend, smoked it a few times with my mates and been fine, but a few weeks ago i made my own kief from it. 2 bowls and i started seeing patterns, colors and bright pink dots appearing on the carpet in my garage and only the carpet? and strange spiders everywhere black spiders. as i looked closer the spiders vanish and i see colonized eggs in spots all over the carpet about the size of a fingernail old looking crusty eggs and so real wtf? so i left ate a hole lot of food, forgot it even happened and went back in the garage the carpet caught my eye and the pink dots had turned into pink worms coming out of the carpet but in real the carpet is plane fking gray colored, is this delirium? i have seen shit before smoking bud but very rarely out of 20 times of smoking i would see shit probably 1s but never seen this weird 3d illusion of spiders and shit, other times i have gone blind i see flashing visions of faces and human anatomy and pink, purple and red 8 figures in patterns. wtf is this :confused:
  2. you already dead!
  3. you're in heaven now!
  4. yeah i tiink u gon die son start filmin/writin yo will, william
  5. You got mind obliterated.
    I got high like that my first time smoking.

    2 bowls of kief will do that to ya. Lol.
  6. i wasnt even that high though didnt feel like it iv done 30 bowls in a night ones
  7. You either are a very serious schizo or that weed had some weird Deemsters in it. If the effects lasted a long time and you felt were fucked up well my friend punch your friend for giving you pcp.
  8. nah my mates smoke this fine and have no problem iv smoked it fine before. but this one time i seen spiders, eggs and worms so i guess this is a case of me being mentally ill
  9. These lights and shapes are called phosphenes and, in some instances, may be a symptom of multiple sclerosis

    Movement phosphenes in optic neuritis

    Long piece on how to use phosphenes to visualize
    Phosphenes and hypnagogic imagery
  10. i think what i see is much more intense then that.
  11. Some people have underlying neurological problems which normally lie dormant but can be triggered by marijuana, extreme stress or other drugs.

    I would be careful, if symptoms persist after the weed wares off then you need to stop smoking for a long time.

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