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    I don
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    i don't think i've ever seen an apparition... my experience with the supernatural is different from yours.

    last year, for the last couple months... from september till december I was told about events that were going to happen, or that had happened.

    whether it be through a tv show or a newspaper article, everything was just conveniently placed in my path predicting all sorts of events... or teaching me about things that had happened.

    it felt so surreal, i could hardly handle it... now that it's gone i look for signs for things, but it's like post traumatic stress.. everything is back to normal but me.
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    You're not alone man, there was a verrrrrry interesting article in some magazine not too long ago, and it was some brain research about paranormal experiences. Apparitions, claims of abductions, and strange experiences. I think it was in a Time magazine, but I don't remember off the top of my head, I'll google it and see if I can grab a link for you...

    Edit: fuck it man, I can't dig it up anywhere. But if you go to google and just type in something along the lines of "brain research paranormal experience" or something like that, it should yield some interesting results for you. If you can find any that link directly to how the brain patterns objects that are only half-complete "images" ("images" being broadly defined here; ranging from pictures, to anything your brain may recognize, not just visually either), I'm sure you'll enjoy the read man. Good luck :)
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    thats awesome dude, i see auras too. thats about it. oh, sometimes i randomly tihnk of a movie that i havent seen in a while, and i always see it on tv a few days later

    im glad that your happy about this, its pretty damn cool.. but i dont know if i would be able to handle seeing spirits and whatnot
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  6. oh yeah I did see a man with a white face and red eyes once... shortly after that I saw a man with long wavy brown hair and a white robe sitting about a foot away from me on my bed, before he just vanished.

    I've also seen a spider coming through my wall.

    this has only happened at the moment I wake up... but usually i'm awakened by noticing some sort of presence.
  7. I know it sounds crazy but I have no reson to lie lol. I have never done acid or shrooms either so It couldnt have been from that.
  8. I am a professional clairovoyant, and I find when I am high, I see spirits and others aura so strongly, its almost as though I can see right through the person. I am not sure why this happens, but any plant can be used as an ally to help you through the spirit world. I am reading a book on Shamanism, and there is one ceremony where they would smoke marijuana to try and foresee their deaths, interesting.So maybe there is a reason as to why you are seeing these things? Have you tried communicating with the apparitions that you saw?
  9. its really cool to hear all this from GC blades. ive been reading on the so called evolution of man(spiritual and physical) and how the latest human breeds (especially light skinned, light haired, blue eyed people who tend to be sensitive in general) are the latest advancement
    in the evolutionary chain.

    in 2012, everyone who is more good than evil i guess, will have the same abilities and more.

    david wilcock has become my main source for this kind of info, and i just get a good vibe off him, no questions asked, hes for real. heres his interview on coast 2 coast again, it should be very informative, and please do watch all 10 parts if youre really interested.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Pt 1/10. David Wilcock on Coast 2 Coast. Jan 2009.[/ame]

    and im almost sure many more blades here are wanderers, i can only hope those of you who are realize it, and maybe even post in my Wanderers Unite thread :D

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    Wow lol I have light brown hair very light skin and blue eyes thats odd. Also it was a while ago that I saw her. I did not get the chance to try and comunicate. Im acually scared I may loose the ability to be able to do these things thats why I want to know If there is anyway I can tap into them.
  11. dude, trust me, if anything your abilities will get much more powerful and youll be sharing them with the rest of the world and other people who will have the same thing.
    im light skinned, blue eyes and light brown hair too, i have telekentic potential, but i really havent practiced it or strengthened mine, just many psychic moments. i look forward to 2012 :D

    the blonde woman in white robes, is alien/inter dimensional beings contacting you. if you feel more comfortable calling them angels go for it(they are benevolent loving beings trying to help humanity). she could be trying to get your attention for a number of reasons, you could be a wanderer(you may not believe that because of your faith), or just a worthy person who could be of assistance in the transition of society on earth to heaven on earth (utopia).

    if it helps, the majority of "aliens" are humanoid beings, looking much like us but with differences in superficial features, as said by david wilcock, although ive had that idea for a while now, especially after watching just made sense.
  12. I hope they do. I also think I may have outer bodie experiances in my sleep. I thought the first few times were dreams but I would find myself walking through my house in the mornings with my parents awake doing there morning routeen. It felt so real I asked my mom If I had been walking around but she said no I hadnt. Odd stuff lol
  13. I believe you. We have a Ghost, Mr. Miller the original owner of this house. All of us have seen him, usually out of the corner of your eye. We have all certainly felt his presence in the house. It seems hes a jokester, especially to my wife. He has locked her outside more than once, but he has never threatened us sop we coexist.
  14. Thats cool. As I have said all the ones I have seen have given off good auras. Ive heard of quite a few ghost being pranksters.
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    i DID see a completely white, shining (like silvery milk kind of colour, maybe a bit yellow) man and a boy holding the mans hand next to my parents bed once. every time id open my eyes they would look at me, but if i closed them and then opened them jsut a ltitle bit "so that they dont see me open my eyes", they were just looking away... weird stuff. they were like shadows but completely white

    and also a face of a wolf/boy whatever whoever i dont know who it was, he just popped out and i saw him in the glass (top) part of my balcony door. yellow eyes, pointy ears and sharp teeth. weeeeird stuff. i was about the same age btw, like 5-6 years old

    and my sister used to see a little flying saucer (a tiny one) in the top corner of my room. she kept seeing that for a few years until she turned like 9 or something, i dont remember the exact age
  16. People have 'seen' unicorns too, does that mean they exist ?
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    Those that are graced with the ability for these things, use them, use them in service and for betterment, and do not dwell in them. They are but little tools on the path, don't start a workshop with the tools and forget the path. The path is spiritual growth, meditation, awareness, unconditional compassion, non-attachment, selfless service, and non duality.

    Seeing auras is a great gift that can allow you to know what kind of people to 'avoid' if you are not in a position to be able to deal with them, but more importantly can allow you to tell what, in terms of mutual learning, you can give or receive, often both, from any given being.
  18. Could someone tell me which colors of them mean what I mostly see white and yellow for some reason

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