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Seeing people for who they really are when high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by raydavies, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. Does anyone else get this? I can usually see if there are good or bad intentions behind someone's actions. People's insecurities become more apparent, and I can see the agenda behind people's actions. Like for example, if people were talking about going to the gym, and someone says "I can lift like 300 pounds," I would notice the fact that the person is saying that just to look cool in everyone else's eyes (this example has not actually happened to me, but it's just a for instance).

    On the opposite side of the spectrum, I was just talking to this person the other day while high, and usually I didn't think twice about him, but during the conversation I noticed how genuine and likeable the person was.

    While sober I always look for the positives in everything, but when high I see people for how they actually are, regardless of if it increases or decreases my respect for them.

    So, does anyone else see through people when they are high?
  2. YES! I know exactly what you mean, when I am high on weed I can find out who my real friends are, and the ones that just want my drugs. Marijuana makes you think, rather it be good or bad, it makes you think.
  3. So basically weed makes you more analytical of those around you. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not.
    Try not to focus on finding hidden meanings behind people's words. When people try to do that to me it pisses me off and makes me think of them as arrogant. As though they can somehow get in my brain and see some "hidden truth" behind my words.
    But at the same time, I can understand your point.
    When I hang out with stupid people, I tend to be much more quiet and just listen to the ridiculous things dumbasses like to talk about. And ironically they think I'm the idiot.

    Man this post made me sound like a callous, pretentious fuck. Oh well :smoking:
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  4. when I'm high I'm much more observant of everything, so yes.
  5. Yes. Yes.

    Sometimes it helps my relationship with them.
    But a lot of the time I really don't like them afterwards ><
  6. Weed seems to make you more keen to subtle cues that would otherwise be deemed insignificant if sober. I find myself obsessing over the small things when I'm high, and it seems so clear how they all add up and can provide valuable information. I sometimes act (or believe I do) slightly awkward when I'm high because of elevated consciousness and extreme purpose and thought towards all my actions. It also can cause you to over-analyze and sometimes ride a train of thought to some obscure conclusion, which I find myself doing way too often.

  7. ^ this..... plus the occasional paranoid thought.
  8. when im high i tend to point out things more often i do when im sober. like if im smoking with a bunch of retards who act like fools i tend to be a dick because i know there being obnoxious pricks who are faking there high. but when im with chillax people i tend to get to know them more. i tend to get to know them and have i better realtionshhip with that person.
  9. Kind of a downfall. Recently I had been smoking with a few dudes. One kid never had weed and he'd always ask "you got tree right?" but no one would ever question him. Im like fuck this so I burn alone a lot of the time. Cant let people push you around.

    He's really just a fiend and a free loader. He's still my friend but weed helped me realize the truth. And thats just one example I over analyze stuff so much since smoking weed.
  10. It tells the truth mann...
  11. Especially with tv shows. You see all the bullshit in the movies a
  12. Great thread op. I too also see threw people, the front they put up, the realness in some people. I lost a lot of friend cuz I started to see right three them.
  13. I would've agreed with this until I tried a certain unmentionable. Honestly I think every drug, to a certain degree, makes you feel this way.
  14. When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself. Bob Marley

    It reveals others to you as well. It can open your eyes as well as feel good. Awesome plant ain't it.
  15. I know what you mean, it definitely seems that way right? But I'm not so sure it's really that I'm picking up on their cues better, or if they're easier to read because they're high as fuck too and can't control themselves as well as they may normally. It could be a bit of both.
  16. [quote name='"HoldItIn"']I know what you mean, it definitely seems that way right? But I'm not so sure it's really that I'm picking up on their cues better, or if they're easier to read because they're high as fuck too and can't control themselves as well as they may normally. It could be a bit of both.[/quote]

    No, I'm even talking about reading sober people while high.
  17. Yes man.This is another thing I like about weed.By seeing people for who they are.You can properly and straight up communicate with them in the rite way/path,all depending on their personality.
  18. You can't see through fake people when you are sober?
  19. I think this is a good thread. When im high with my girlfriend, most of the time she does something in which, if i wasnt high i would just plauy it off, but when im high the things she does makes me loose my cool, i dont yell but i get pissed off and she knows it, but i dont do that when im sober. i try never to get pissed off at anyone because i recon i have anger problems..they just dont show in front of others lol

  20. not unless i am looking for it.. i think when most ppl are sober, esp in our fucked up societies, they turn themselves off and dont really care about most other ppl.

    case in point.. im buyig something and i meet a cute cashier. if im sober, i might be checking out her looks, her hair, etc. but if im totally baked, i might notice little details like the way she talks or looks at ppl, maybe shes a bitch or something. the state of being high on mj gives you extra awareness and perception that otherwise you wouldnt know or care about. its like your brain is constantly sending you random information from your surroundings, some you might atually find interesting :smoke:

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