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Seeing Orbs of Light Energy??

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by LittleJacob, Jun 12, 2010.

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    Wow. Just had an amazing experience. Sorry the beginning of this is a little sloppy, I was pretty excited when this happened. But check it out. First a quick preface.

    I have just recently entered into the present and forgotten myself. My energies have opened up and I have finally come to rest in the space that is without a center. Without a "self". Just open. there is nothing in the center for anxiety or worry or fear or anything to happen to. It is just this, openness. It is so beautiful. Finally awake.

    I've spent all day engaged in energy work from the inside out and have been healing this body all day. it is not free, open, still. I am but a mirror reflection what is. All that is, I see. This is a very real mode of experience. If you want to talk about this/have any questions, let me know. I can try to help you get there, but really there is nowhere to get, just something to let go of, and into.

    Now. Just a few minutes ago, after I did that energy movement in my room, I stepped outside the door into the entrance of my bathroom where my friends were at.

    As soon as I entered in the entrance way to the door, I started seeing these orbs pop up. This was absolutely incredible to me because I was actually fully observing these little phenomena. Basically, what I saw were tiny dots of light. Pure light. Energy.

    And these things would just arise, I would see it move a little, and then it would pass away. Then more started arising until I was seeing maybe about 20 or so in the whole field of vision.

    As I watched them I was in awe of the beauty. I was in awe of the fact that everything in the universe is just energy, and that there is so much energy constantly moving around and through itself that we can never see or know. And here I was, watching these shining beams. Little particles of light. There was no doubt in a mind about what was because there was no mind, my attention was solely on these particles of light and they were. And then they were no more. It was awesome.

    Does any one know of this phenomenon or anything like it? I looked it up right afterwords and just started browsing through it but didn't find too much. Is there a name for this experience/phenomena? It was crazy! I'm just wondering if it was the energy work that I did that opened me up to the clear level of perception or what. But it was truly awe inspiring.

    Thank you for anything you might know. :)

    edit; By the way, this might be a lot more common than I think. But I have not ever heard of this in my life and it only occurred after my realization has started to stabilize a lot more.
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    aaah. eternal manifestation
  3. psychosis?
  4. ummm..... what did you do for this to happen? salvia acid or did it just happen cause in absence of phycadelics well.... um bad news those "orbs of enrgy" are probably parasites in your eyes that have grown enough to focus on. so your gonna go blind.... ya but its probably just a trip, probably...

    JK just messing with ya sounds pretty intense just describe the lead up to this we need some background

    but then again parasites... shit sucks
  5. see a doctor, you could have a brain tumor that wraps around your brain like a fist like in the movie "Phenomenon" which stars John Travolta. on a side note its a pretty good movie to watch since u might have brain cancer
  6. lmao, funny responses. but i can understand, that's a pretty funny post looking at it now lol.

    nah man, i was just high. and feeling really good and open and I just saw these little dots of white light reflecting while looking near the light. that's about it. but i could see them clear.

    i guarantee you i am good on health lol. it was just something awesome that i have never seen before. plus there is no way i can ever truly describe what i saw since none of you have ever seen it (obviously).

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    and if u didn't know what i was talking about with all that spirituality crap up there, here is an exert from an article about Taoist Immortality.

    "In the practice of internal alchemy, we learn to circulate qi (life-force energy), to sublimate jing (sexual energy), and to distil shen (spiritual energy). As we engage in these practices, our subtle bodies are gradually awakened. In other words, we become aware of ourselves as energetic as well as physical beings. As we progress, this process deepens, until eventually the physical (or yin) aspects of ourselves are transmuted entirely into the higher-vibrating yang “body of light.” This, in short, is the path to becoming a Taoist Immortal."

    You could say that this is what I have been spending my time doing. Releasing into spirit, circulating my chi, and distilling the defficiencies in my body. We are energetic beings. We are all vibrating. Some faster than others.

    The ultimate goal is to vibrate so fast that you reach the zero point and start to expand outward, infinitely. Recently I have been circulating my chi and releasing into the infinite emptiness of my being and also the infinite manifestation. The black. And the white.
  8. did u sneeze or sumthing
  9. I was watching this ghost video a while back, some where in it theres all these glowing orbs I dunno sounds like what your describing if you wanna see it

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jf-SxMrWdJ8]YouTube - World's Scariest Ghosts: Caught on Tape 1/5[/ame]
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    Odd... I was just about to make a thread on this.

    Alot of people are going to suggest it's some mental illness or synesthesia because they've never experienced this phenomena before. Which pisses me off sometimes because their posts are just annoying and include no information on the subject whatsoever.

    But neither does mine, I have no idea what it is and have looked all over for anything I could agree with. All I got was a stupid newage religion perspective of what 'they' think it is.

    Anyway.. Just this morning I witnessed blue balls/orbs of light. Not just one, but many. They only appear for a couple seconds but I see them every so often. Sometimes the color will change to a dull yellow or gold like color, sometimes white too.

    I don't know if this will work with anyone else but if you put your hand over your eyes and push lightly and squint your eyes kinda hard you can see these orbs/balls and other things. If it doesn't work, try doing it when you first wake up.
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    Hmm, the only thing that's ever happened to me that was anything like this was after tripping my second time. For like 2 or 3 weeks after tripping, I couldn't actually see anything, but in a way I could somehow visualize these bright white orbs of energy which seemed to exist inside everyone's head. Everyone I looked at seemed to have their own individual orb of energy, some were brighter in some people than in others, it was weird. I could see it in people on TV and even when I looked at my dogs, they had them too. I believe that my third eye was still really energized from the trip, and what I was seeing was basically the spirits of people.
  12. Have you been trying to find your Mer-Ka-Ba? [​IMG]
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    Yes, except not by that name, consciously. But thanks for the name. But I was just working my energy through from the inside out. Now I am going about it with the guidance of knowledge to keep everything safer and more conscious so I don't end up messing the body up. But I was having huge energy experience. Did some Reiki healing on my friends the day before, and I was just doing a lot of energy gathering and circulation.

    Yea, it was exactly like that. A bunch of them would appear, blueish/white/gold in color, and I could clearly see them . Then the whole episode eventually just faded away. The weird part was that I was in "waking" reality. I was standing their pointing at them in awe, telling my friends very soberly what I was seeing, and asking if they saw these specks of light, and they could not.

    Yea, I was driving today and I basically saw the same thing. I was driving with my third eye open today and I was perceiving every person I saw as light. As I saw the sun reflecting on the back of the car, it would always exactly follow the top of the persons head. I agree - it was like I was seeing the Sun on every person. God the Sun. Like a halo. Very cool experience though.
  14. are the orbs like perfectly round 2-d circles? like digital in a sense?

    and the centers are more gold and the circumference more blue? maybe overlapping?
  15. LSD is a hell of a drug..
  16. Children and the Aura:
    Very young children (up to 5 years of age) see auras naturally. Infants frequently look ABOVE a person in front of them. When they don't like the color of the aura above the head, or if this color is much different from their parent's aura, they cry, no matter how much smiling the person does.

    Children have much cleaner and stronger auras than most of adults, who are usually completely enslaved by the materialistic world and suppress their Nature by following superficial examples. When I taught my 12 year old son to see his own Aura, he told me that when he was little he was able to see Auras most of the time. But no one paid any attention, so he thought that it was not important and maybe there was something wrong with his eyesight. This is a typical scenario. In my opinion children should learn to see and read Auras in a primary school, so they never lose this natural ability.

  17. Next time when you build up this energy, try to put your feet apart at a certain angle (this will open up your back muscles) then bend your head back, with the rest of your back following behind. If you can, just do this:


    Give it a try :wave:
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    It is an unfolding process and you have consciously begun to take this path!
    I am a massage therapist but am trained in chakra balancing and various other subtle-energy healing methods.
    Continue to unbiasedly observe yourself.

    Be careful not to get caught up in "spiritual materialism" though. Continue to just experience.
    The ego strives for power--"psychic" power included.
    Occurrences like this occur naturally along the unfolding process but are not to be possessed.
    The moment you give up all power is the moment you gain all power.
    You are FULLY and COMPLETELY realized in this moment!
    It is only your illusion that keeps you from remembering this.
    Be here now!

    I suggest finding a good meditation or yoga.
    I think you will probably find the Chakra focused ones of interest.
    Possibly ones focusing on the "higher self" or "christ consciousness".

    Everything is light.
    Light = Energy
    All things = Vibrating Energy [light]

    We all exist together within the fabric of creation.
    Consciousness = creation observing itself.
    We are creation. We are one.
    I am you are me!

    How we view this "fabric" is determined by our perspective experience--where do you align yourself?
    At which level do you vibrate?

    Vibrate high and live in love + compassion!
    Shine outwards, infinitely and boundlessly!
  19. Check out this book:


    It's better to actually hold the book and read it (you can get it on Amazon or something), but for whatever reason us lucky people can read it online.
  20. Thank you all for the replies, they have all been very helpful and are very much appreciated :)

    It's hard to tell. The best I can describe them is sort of like floating specks of dust you might see when the sun is coming through a window, except they were just by themselves. And luminous. So if It was 2-d or 3d is hard to say, they were basically little dots. Definitely seemed like light though. It was hard to make out the color... more or less white, perhaps with a little gold touch as well.

    Thanks a lot, I certainly will! Funny enough I was somewhat close to this position. Actually, I think I had gotten into a similar position as this at one point. Right before I experienced the light specks, I was practically in "half" of this pose. I was sort of moving from the core somewhat like Neo in the matrix (lol, funny as it seemed, it was sort of in a Tai-Chi fashion, and opened me up tremendously). If I would have completely let go I probably would have ended up here. So I will definitely try this next time :wave:

    Great post! Thank you very much!

    I have been on this journey of inward observation and discovery of self knowledge for some time now and had it not been for reading about the traps of psychic experience coming with energy work etc, I might have fallen into it. The discovery of the subtle realms of reality can be very "intoxicating", lol, and I will be honest I almost did fall for trying to stay in these experiences for a second, but thankfully remembered that no single experience is ever "the point". :)

    "The moment you give up all power is the moment you gain all power.
    You are FULLY and COMPLETELY realized in this moment!"
    This is what I have been coming to realize more and more recently. The state of grace is nothing that can be possessed. The second it is possessed is the second it is lost. It's all about love :)

    After experimenting and doing a bunch of self-energetic healing and eventually even a little energy healing of a couple close friends, I have been thinking about doing some kind of energy healing as a path in some shape or form. However I am not sure exactly how to go about this. As someone who seems to have knowledge in this area, any advice or any knowledge at all would be much appreciated :)

    That looks great. Definitely going to give this a good read. Thanks for sharing! :)

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