Seeing if any of the older members are still around...

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  1. I've been a member here for awile now but I havent been around for over a year now due to recent problems with the law and cannabis. I should be around again on a regular basis now though. Im just curious to see who all is still around from a couple years ago and also to find out if anyone out their still remembers me. Either way I look forward to jumping back in on the action to try and post up some good knowlage and of course good pictures like usual. I am start off a Strawberry Cough and nirvana Big Bud grow by the end of this month that i will be doing a journal like usual on and i look foward to all my old and soon to be new friends to come and pull up a seat.
    Hello again from the depths of hell! :)
    If anyone is interested in hearing about my recent legal troubles which caused me to be gone for so long id be more the happy to share, just ask.. i didnt want to just throw it all out their and bum everyone out for no reason though.
  2. Tell me what happend! I demand answers!! :mad:
  3. I joined a few months after you and I'm still around. I vaguely remember you! ;):p
  4. Hey guys, I slightly remember you also Junkiedays. Its good to see that you are still around man.
    To make a long story short... I was already on parole becuase of past drug charges and going to jail, mainly 3 dui's are what caused most of that jailtime for me though, but thats a different story all together. I was out on 6 months house arrest as a final step to letting me be totally on my own again with the small thing of constant drug tests and being checked up on all the time by a parole officer. Needless to say i got 4 months of my house arrest conpleted fine and was sitting at home one day after a semi long day at work and decided to have a beer, which obviously isnt allowed on house arrest. It just so happens that not long after consumeing this lovely beverage my parole officer "randomly" decideds to show up and drug test me along with a brethalizer. Of course i failed, and was sent to jail for 3 months, wile their for the first couple weeks i had numerious convorsations with my now wife and decided it would just be best to stay in jail for 14 months and max out my parole and get out with my hands clean and not have anything else to worry about. So that is what i did and now i am once again a free man and off paper for the first time in 8 years, and it feels great...
    I said it had to do with cannabis charges but i suppose that was alittle misleading, the whole situation started years back for various drug charges but the most recent adventure wasnt caused by this sort of stuff.
    Its lovely to be back though, so much has changed here, from the forums to the users, just everything... I feel like ive missed out lol.
  5. Glad you're back, didn't know you though.

    Good job living through shitty situations.

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