Seeing daylight co-worker at 2:00 in the morning

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  1. So I was on my way back from a buddies house after smoking when I stopped by my work at 2 am for some cotton mouth cure (I work at a grocery store) when I see two co-workers come out of a distant car and start yelling across the parking lot. One was Lisa and the other was....

    Okay as i type this I am smoking in the parking lot of my work and holy shit a cop car rolls through. Thank god he didn't car check. Oh and right after that some dude rolls in with a flat tire!

    Okay well the two girls names are Lisa and Lesley and both are much older than me. Lesley is in her late 20's and Lisa is in her mid 40's maybe ealry 50's. It was kinda odd seeing the two together. Thats when this smashed red head (Lesley) screams "RED" across the parking lot at me. See she dyes her hair red, I'm a natural auburn red head with the matching carpet! She calls be Red cuz I have natural red hair. So he runs over and hugs me in the middle of the parking lot. The two look they just got back clubbing and Lesley was plastered. She whispers to me "I'm drunk!"

    I whisperer back "I'm high!" She thought i was kidding and followed me throughout the store as I got my stuff. I got a tea, some doritos and a thing of sandwich bags. That's when this drunk idiot asks why I was buying sandwich bags. I told her to put two and two together hint: have i ever packed a lunch for work? As soon as I said that she was all like "oooooooooooooohhhhhh" really drunk. Kinda funny meeting her there while stoned and her drunk.
  2. Cool story bro?? I hate to be the one that writes it.
  3. Did you... fuck her?
  4. You told her to put 2 and 2 together about you buying sandwhich bags... LOL so ya what are ya really particular about your sandwiches having maximum freshness.

    translation : Hint hint co-worker im a major pot distributer DURp

    Good one. good thing she was drunk and probably wont remember that horrible cool guy stunt.

    Never tell a woman to put 2 and 2 together...your just asking to do a long drawn out explanation. It's either they are very observant and clever or they're oblivious.
  5. [quote name='"Shroom of Doom"']Did you... fuck her?[/quote]

    I'm 19 and def not my type

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