Seeing colors?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by MattD, Nov 21, 2007.

  1. Ia m really high rite now and I was wonderin if any of you see colors when your high cuz i am in a somewhat dim room and I am seeing colors jsut wonderin
  2. Ummm no.... But, Marijuana can make you hallucinate slightly... You must be pretty fucking high!
  3. Yeah. Happened once when I smoked a fat blunt by myself in my driveway on a particularly dark night. Even after my eyes adjusted, I could barely see more than about 10 feet away. After I finished smoking, everything sort of clouded up and I saw red and yellow patterns in the particularly dark areas of my yard. Felt sort of like a head rush.

    When I'm really really high I close my eyes and see the same kind of patterns.
  4. Hell yea I am goin through a lot of that right now I am pretty fucked up I packed like 3 bowls and 2 bongs worth if weed so like 2 grams and the strain of weed I am smokin now is blueberry.
  5. lol, i see colors like little dots and shit of colors but that only happens seconds before i pass out, even if im not smoking. just watch out.
  6. Means you have a brain tumor.
  7. I get those when I'm not stoned. Like I'll close my eyes for a sec. and open them then their are these little dots everywhere
  8. wtf r u serious?
  9. same, there is a name for them
  10. ummm i dont get what youre talking about but weed is a mild hullicinagin...thats why everything looks more "real" like when everythying looks more pronounced from everything around it
  11. Mmm, I get visuals without being stoned simply by closing my eyes, and then I can make them pronounced by lightly rubbing my fingertips over my eyelids.
  12. I hear colors when I'm really high.
  13. everythings a color man..
  14. i wish i was as baked as you right now.
  15. is that you robin Williams?
  16. one time a friend and i grinded up about a gram of diesel and rolled it into this really fat joint. we went out on the beach at like 11 at night, and the j ripped for like ten minutes straight. after that we see a guy off in the distance, and my friend thought he might be blazing too, cuz we kept seeing this little red light flash (a lighter). but everytime i saw the light it would flash multiple times, and move around, and get brighter. everytime i thought i saw the guy moving, my vision exagerated it and strobed everything

    so yea you can see colors from smoking a shit load

    and if you really wanna get the most tripped out on weed that you can, smoke a shit load of diesel and go to the beach at night haha

  17. I hear colors all the time. :)
  18. i heard a color once,then i realized i had just farted.

    EDIT: i may or may not be baked to a flaky crisp.
  19. One time, I was smoking with a friend. Dabs. Took a huge ass booger out of a water pipe and I was asleep for about a half an hour. When I woke up, everything had an orange tint to it but I felt mostly fine. Couldn't walk at all, but other than that I was okay. My fiance drove me home after i woke up and i fell asleep in the couch for about an hou . I woke up and i was still seeing orange. I dont know if this is what you were experiencing, but that's my personal "I see colors" experience
  20. I see little purple orange spots very dull nothing crazy but only when the sun is about to go down or low light rooms, i only experience after a really heavy use of marijuana that was within 24 hours of that. It dont bother me much anymore but did in the beginning

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