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Seeing cartoons when high

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by air4s777, May 18, 2010.

  1. Hello Grasscity how ya doin...well im just here to see if anybody else sees cartoons while high. I mean real cartoons similar to powerpuff girls everywhere on the grass the sky everywhere I look there are cartoon everywhere
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  2. 1. Wrong section.
    2. You are blitzed.
  3. What are you smoking?

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  4. not going to lie i do the same thing. i always see timmy turner. i have a good imagination and if i think about it i see it with the light.
  5. its not the type of bud cuz it happen everytime n i mean everytime im high
  6. are you asking what cartoons we watch when we're high? lmao.
    i watch tom and jerry :)
    few days ago i watched a show on adult swim call Superjail.
    that some crazy stuff right there
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  7. watching Garfield and friends high is amazing... the show doesn't make any sense sober to start with
  8. i watch telemundo lol
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  9. Dude i had this happen yesterday. I was smoking an L and just zoned out and stared at this one plant for like 5 minutes with out blinkin and i started seeing cartoonish kinda lol it felt like when you zone out looking at one of those magic eye pictures lol
  10. Uh, what? You mean everything appears cartoonish? Or you really think you're seeing cartoons because you smoked some weed?

    If it's the latter then :laughing::laughing::laughing:...:rolleyes:
  11. sounds like you just did something other than pot!
    but yeah I watch cartoon network all the time
  12. i understand if your super stoned and zone out then things can get funky

    but to vividly see cartoons... your smoking something else or just really good at mind-fucking yourself...

    i don't understand how people claim to have these extreme visuals from herb...

    just my opinion

    but hey, whatever helps you enjoy your high, thats what really matters!

    happy toking!
  13. if i get baked and watch cartoons in the dark or dim lighting sometimes things look 3D.
  14. i see shit like that when im tripping but not when i smoke weed lmao.
  15. The only time i see cartoons is when I dose LSD or Mushrooms.:confused_2:
  16. i kinda know what you mean. when i'm baked i'll see cartoonish figures when i look at something. like when i'll look at an open field, all the shadows, different weeds and shrubs will make an abstract cartoon image that is fun to play with in your mind. but if i saw blossom,buttercup,and bubbles staring me down, idk, thats a whole new level.
  17. When I get super stoned everything around me turns into a cartoon. Like if I was in Tom and Jerry. I'm glad it happens to other people too.

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  18. When you smoke at night time and take a walk and look around the quiet neighborhood during the summer in the warm air with the street lights on all the cars and houses look like they are more 3D and cartoonish like you are in a movie its amazing 
  19. i am laughing so hard

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