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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by chikkybabe, Nov 24, 2003.

  1. ok then so 2 of my fems spat out male flowers and i noticed too late and now it appears that they have pollenated my entire grow...

    my question is

    1.if i continue to grow these plants will the seeds continue to multiply, or is there a chance i may only get a few seeds here and there..i am 5 weeks into more male flowers have appeared... the plant devoting all its energy into now producing seeds and therefore potency will be reduced??

    3.i cloned all of these plants after the hermies had thrown male flowers...what should i do with the clones...the mothers that are female are pollenated therefore id say my clones have been.. am i gonna do??????????????????
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  2. Jeez Chicky your in a right pickle...

    first...its up to you if you want tocarry on the crop, i had one ounce of seed !! to 4 ounces of bud when it happened to me..

    secondly bin all the cuttings they are definately hermies..maybe only a few of the are but you cant take the risk.

    third...potency of the bud will still be good even though the plant is producing seeds as it is being grown artificially with everything it need to produce good seeds and good strong the wild the seeds would dominate the potency as not enough nutrient..

    stick with it its a bit late to abandon ship time buy the best seeds you can afford from a proper dealer.

    good luck let us know how it goes..
  3. thankou both..i feel a bit better..

    i know its not the end of the world but after devoting so much time and stuff into these buggers i was more than a little pissed...

    anyway im gonna keep the clones, even from the ones that spat a few male flowers, cuz im not sure if they ARE hermie or if all the stress i put them in MADE them spit the flowers...i will keep a close eye...any sign of anything untoward and its gone... this mother has the bestest densest buds..

    ill keep them goin 4 a while longer and wait 4 the clones to develop then do a journal...


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