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  1. Hello,
    I am looking into seed banks and I have came across Seedsupreme Seed Bank. Can anyone give me some info as to whether or not I should go through with the purchase and if someone has good/bad things to say about them. Also can anyone give me a few other seed banks that have a good variety and is reputable.
  2. Almost every large seed bank is trustworthy, and it's safe to send cash if they won't take credit cards. The danger isn't the seed bank cheating you, it's customs seizing the seeds when they hit the US, assuming you live in US. I greatly prefer ordering from US companies to avoid that hassle. Mephisto and Growers Choice are breeders that ship from US, and I've used both, but haven't planted them yet. Southern Oregon and Bud Aroma are US seed banks that look good, but that I haven't used. My favorite european bank has become Oaseeds, but I've also used Herbies, Seedsman, Sensible, Single Seed Center, Just Feminized. Nirvana has great stealth, and I don't worry about their seeds being seized. Ordering direct from the breeder has advantages. Be sure to check out the autos.
  3. I'll never order from them again. They remove seeds from breeder packs and jam them into a ball point pen. If you get more than one strain good luck trying to read the writing on the baggie. 3 out of 7 seeds came damaged. Sprouted but the husk was smashed into the fragile embryonic leafs and would not fall off resulting in death a week later. I had informed them of this from day one. 30 days later I get an email asking about the seeds, I let them know the issues I had with them. I got a response back from Raven saying that sometimes seeds get damaged but they are very careful about inserting the seeds into pens it's what makes the stealth shipping. She also said I didn't provide a picture so in this case they will not replace. Basically called me a lier about 3 beans and said they don't sell them to grow only collect. WTF oh they did give me some kush money that grows just as good as damaged seeds. So good luck peeps I think it's pretty shaddy how they operate. Thankfully the industry is growing and the ones that sell crap or rip folks off won't last.
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  4. Same here never again all herms. they're customer service was good they gave me kush money but herms and males from feminized seeds can't risk that again. My seeds didn't look damaged but what about customs with x ray equipment could that make seeds go herm?
  5. I've gotten seeds overseas now
    I don't think x-ray does it. I've gotten beans 4 times from overseas in the past and never had a problem until I did business with seedsupreme.
  6. seed supreme is a fine company these guys just grow hermies now ordering from england isnt my favorite thing to do i prefer ordering seeds from u.s banks wayyy faster delivery
  7. I'll never order from them again either. Terrible customer service(there isn't any) and when they screw you over they just keep your money and move on. NEVER shop Seedsupreme. Only 60% germination rate. Terrible. . You'll be sorry if you shop here,if not now,later,trust me,they eventually screw everyone.
  8. Hermies and non germinating seeds, not to mention US customs is catching Seedsupreme on a regular basis. Beware,they will not resend seeds. Avoid Seedsupreme like the plague.

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