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  1. What a ridiculous experience. Ordered 2 different strains, 10 seeds total. Came with 6 free seeds. of the 10 I actually paid for, only 3 germinated and only one is actually doing well. When I contacted Seedsman's support, I received an under-enthusiastic email from support worker Tom. He told me that since their seeds are tested regularly they stand by their quality, therefore all he could offer me was points to put towards a new order. After spending $120 for only 3 seeds to even germinate, it's disgusting. This does not entice a customer to want to spend another chunk of money, just to use points.
    After explaining to Tom that it would take a significant amount of points for it to be even worth it, his response was, without answering any questions or even telling me how many points they would be able to offer me for the situation, "So i guess we can't help you then. Apologies i did try." and that was it.
    Trying would involve responding to the questions I had asked in the email, informing customers even how many points they could be credited for the situation, and not just saying your shit out of luck after I ask questions.

    I really hope that Support Worker Tom gets to see this and takes a class in customer service, because from my experience, he doesn't know what customer service really is. I will never order from this company again as there are literally dozens of other seed banks that provide real quality seeds, without the extreme shipping time, and quality customer service.
  2. Cool story bro! There are lots of plot holes though.. this is your first post and seedsman is a very reputable seedbank, even their own branded genetics are as good as any other mass producers. If you want to complain about germination problems you need to understand that most people who are immature enough to start a whole new profile to complain instead of maybe investigate to what you did wrong possibly that nobody will take you seriously! Good luck!
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  3. I've ordered through Seedsmen twice. Had the 2nd order nabbed by Custom's in OZ and they resent my order. Email conversation was great.

    100% strike rate so far, though they weren't Seedsmen's Seed's...
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  4. Well I am 99.9 percent popping and harvesting. Seedsman is not the issue! What did u order? I have ordered seeds from them The Vault a lot! So only time i have had an issue is if it was an older seed. Something that no one has ordered!

    Now next time try putting ur seeds in the paper towel that is dampened and put into plastic bag. Do not seal bag. Just put it up in a dark cupboard. Don't open for 48 hours. Don't soak the seed in water

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  5. Agreed I dont soak either, wet paper towel inside a DVD case wrapped in some old sweat pants. Very rarely lose a bean and I order from different places most of the time.
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  6. I think they need to breath. I don't seal bag and I just set it in a coffee can in dark cupboard

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  7. Seedman was always good to me
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