Seedsman - white widow. Any tips?

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  1. Hi all,
    So today i put 2 seeds of white widow (seedsman)
    Glass of water with hydrogen peroxide for 18 hours.
    After 48 hours jiffy.

    I read in some place that in the last 2 weeks of the flowering to give the white widow 8 Hours of lights and not 12.

    Any tips for white widow?
  2. you can also turn lights out for 24 -36 hours before you chop them down ,some say it produces some more resin ,,,ive tried all these tips! and found most are urban myths ,,,but theres no harm in trying it ,,,,mac.
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  3. Don’t use nitrogen

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  4. When you use nitrogen?
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  5. I used full strength Fox Farms veg and it had the leaves leathery and green till harvest, so I say easy on the nitro

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  6. only or mostly in Veg ,,but plants need just a bit while in flower ,most flowering Nutrients have some nitrogen in them ,it will be lower than in flowering with more P.K ...mac,
  7. @Mr.Grits.....yea like you said it depends on what potting mix you use ..the potting mix i used has at least 4 weeks nutrients in it ,,,so when i potted up into its final pot i didnt have to feed any thing till well after the stretch 2 weeks , maybe week or 2 after stretch ,,,just feed low n higher p.k flowering nutes at half strength ,,and PK boost ,,mac,
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  8. Don't believe everything you read.
    Use 12-12 lights, no H2O2 for seeds.
    Also, don't piss on plants, injure them on purpose, or do any other strange rituals that aren't done for other plants.
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