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  1. new to indoor autoflowers, have grown regular outdoor for a while. bought 5 do si dos seeds and got three free seeds. none of the 3 free ones germainated and only 1 of the 5 ....i purchased 10 white widow and got 3 free northern lights and 3 free critical auto..just started germinating yesterday...will update this thread later just to post if any seed purchase will be from ilgm
  2. Have only ever gotten seeds from Seedsman. I've only had 1 failure to germ. It was an entire packet of Peyote WiFi. They replaced with no problems at all, just took an email. I also used to consider the actual 'Seedsman' brand seeds to be somehow not as good as the Name Brands, I mean c'mon they give them away free with orders, how good could they be? They Kick Ass. As good or better than big name brands. So far a 'Seedsman' brand Blueberry, a Blue Dreams, and a White Widow all matched or exceeded name brands in their grow. By a significant amount both in quality and quantity. When Freebies match $ seeds I have no problems. Seedsman fan for life here.
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  3. just to update,,every seed sprouted, all six of the freeones.. i ended up planting all of them in foxfarm ocean ...seedman seed for life for me also....
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