Seedsman Peyote Gorilla and Similar Genetics

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  1. Dear All,

    In one seed order I was given a ten pack of freebies that happened to be seedsman Peyote Gorilla. This was an instant keeper in my opinion with excellent aroma, purple coloration at the end of flower even without cold temps, and resin production that surpasses anything else I've grown.

    I've ordered more Peyote Gorilla, but I'm also interested in other genetics that are similar.

    Has anyone grown out Peyote Zkittles, Peyote WiFi, Peyote Forum, or LA Peyote Kush?

    Please share any experiences or any other strains you've grown that you just can't ever stop growing because it's so good!
  2. Barney Farms LSD.
    I like BF's strains, no herms, very easy to grow.
    I had a perfect grow once, LSD tested at 31% THC with this testing meter I have. It does oils and all kinds of shit
  3. I've heard of this strain before and I'll look into it. Can you elaborate more on the art home THC meter?
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